10 Design Tips for enhancing Your Website

These Design Tips are for those who think that designing is a piece of cake. Believe me when you read this full article you will know that most of these design tips you are not following or don’t consider as important. Every designer either he is fresh or expert should know these tips and should implement in his next design project.

We all know that website is the face of your business that you represent the world with and how crucial it is to make that face smiling always in order to grab happy customers. Well this time we are bringing up with something new to our readers. Because I write, I have to read a number of articles and blogs on daily basis.

Here is list of points that one should check for improving the designs of their websites.

1. Understand The Project

The most important thing that you need to do is understand the project with which you are working. When you do not know what to do and what is the actual demand of your website then how come you will be able to design what is actually needed. The best way of producing good designs is to gulp with the good ones first. Visit other similar websites and understand them. Understand the requirements for your project and then move ahead.


2. Communicate Well With Your Clients

When you deal with your clients, communicate with them clearly. This is very important because a single doubt in the mind will ruin your website. Once you get upset with the design you won’t be able to get the satisfactory results easily. Hence you are advised to communicate well and design great.

3. Always Keep The Framework In Your Mind

Whenever you work with a design either you are working with mobile or website you always have to keep a framework in your mind. This will help you in making a rough idea on how you can start up with your work. You have to keep in mind how the user is going to interact with the design that you are designing. Always keep in mind how users will interact with your website. Only this will help you in designing a web design that people are actually looking for.

4. Always Keep Doing Something Exciting

When you are working on a website, keep making your work exciting. Like keep on visiting different websites because at some point of time it happens that you start losing interest in your work. So if you are bored with working with the home page you can always do something which is interesting like starting up with the new page or something like this only.

5. Work With The Single Pixels

When you are working with the special pages on your website, better way is to work with the pixels. Pixelette the page and work, this will show perfection in your designs. Your users won’t be able to see the small pixels but they will find your work more accurate and will be able to see the clear image behind your efforts.

6. Ask Yourself

Ask yourself if what you have designed is good or not? You are an experienced graphic designer and you can always judge your work. Although it is difficult to find mistakes with your own work but be loyal and honest to your work and see what you are up to. This will help you in designing web designs with perfections.

7. Also Check With Other Departments

When you work just do not engrossed into your own work but also keep on checking with your competitor’s work. Keep on checking what are they up to and what strategies are they applying for designing great designs? What are they offering to their readers and users and are continuously improving on their profit values.

8. Manage Your Work

When you are working with designing and websites it is very important to organize your work. If things are not well managed or well organized, you won’t be able to craft a good website. Also this will be beneficial when you have to handover your work to some other designer. He/she will be able to understand your work easily and will move on with the same flow as it is.

9. Make Everything Consistent

You need to keep everything consistent, especially when a style guide is set of PSD illustrating with each and every detailed interaction like every state, every button and links including icons, fonts and so on. It should contain all the possible cases for every single component, so the developers can explore the graphics from their files as sprites.

10. Always Be Happy With What You Do

There are various designers who are always unsatisfied with their work. But this is not the right way to move ahead. Always be happy with what you have done and pull your socks up for the new job. So whenever you design something always is proud of what you have done. The efforts and the pain you have gone through, nobody is going to understand.

Well these are some important mantras that will lead you to a wonderful website design. If you really want to give the world your best then keep these things in mind and work with your design.

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Naaz is a web designer and loves to find new tips and tricks for creativity purposes and likes to share them with the people.


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