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10 Mobile Website Testing Tools To Ensure A Superlative Performance

You may add, update and filter the HTTP request headers that were sent to web servers. It is an extremely resourceful tool for web developers, privacy and HTTP testing.

8. Gomez


Delivers the results after analyzing the website by embracing numerous surefire mobile web development strategies, after evaluating your site, this testing tools rates the web page on a scale from one to five. Moreover, the tool suggests effective tips that can help further enhance the website performance and make it even more mobile-friendly. The tool is extremely easy to deploy and demands certain personal details before beginning the testing process.

9. Screenfly


Review your mobile website over different mobile devices’ screens with this testing tool. It thus, helps you test your site over different screen resolutions and sizes available out there. This free tool is extremely easy to use. Simply add the URL and click on the Go button, the result will be in front of you.

10. Opera Mini Simulator


This web-based emulator is offered by Opera Mini, which is one of the latest and fastest mobile web browsers available out there.

Testing a mobile website is as imperative as creating it. Optimize your website performance while efficiently testing it ensure a smooth and consistent performance through the amazing tools available out there. You can choose a suitable one from the aforementioned list of proficient testing tools.

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