10 Blogging Tips to Become A Good Writer

Writing skill is crucial for everyone; whether you are blogger, designer or developer, if you are working online and running a blog then there are some basic things you should know about how to improve your writing skills.

I have listed tips to become a good Blog Writer. If these key points are perfected then you can attain a reasonable position among the leading writers in the world. I would like to tell my readers one important thing, there is not a thing like “best writer in the world”. You should not try to be that person because it doesn’t exist.

You can be good or bad writer but no one can claim that he is the best writer in the world. Each and everyone have its own style of writing and expressing thoughts. We definitely cannot rank anyone higher or lower. Try to follow the following tips in your future; you will certainly get positive results.

We all know how important it is to focus on our audiences when writing for the Web, but without a method, that advice can be somewhat abstract. Personas are fictitious users you create to ensure that you keep your different audiences’ perspectives in mind as you write content. Here are the basic blogging tips involved:

  1. List your major audiences: Think of which groups of people (not departments or institutions) that might be using your site.
  2. Gather information on your audiences: Don’t assume you know what your different audiences are like; instead, compile information from various points of interaction with them to better understand who they are, and what their needs and questions might be. Potential sources of information include contact form emails, interviews, your past consultations, your customer service department, and even questionnaires.
  3. List major characteristics for each audience: Each of your site’s user groups may have identifiable characteristics. For example, a poison control website will surely attract a large number of anxious visitors that need information very quickly, whereas an airline site will have a wider range of visitors with varying levels of travel experience. Plan for your visitors’ terminology, demographics, cultural backgrounds, potential emotions, and experience with your website’s subject matter.
  4. Use your information to create persona’s: Once you’ve compiled information on your different audiences, you’ll want to bring all that data to life with a few persona’s that represent the typical visitors to your website.Each persona should be given a name, picture (stock photos are good), and characteristics.
  5. Use your information to write scenarios for your site: Once you’ve identified some goals that each of your persona’s are likely to have, come up with some tasks they’ll want to accomplish on your site. This is a great way to organize your content according your visitors’ needs.

2. Read, Listen, Think

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Reading is the first thing you should do to get a good writer. Reading well written and well explain articles, having the topics of your interest, can help you in getting the idea how great authors express their ideas in better way. This can also help to develop and originate your own writing style. For example, if you are going to write something related to blogging you should read some good articles related to blogging, if you are writing about freelancing then blogs related to freelancing are heaven for you. Just make sure to read as much as you can, you will see the benefits soon. Other than reading, you can also listen to people; attend conferences and seminars to enhance your knowledge. Once you have enough raw materials in mind, start thinking how to present it to your readers in a well-organized manner.

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3. Think of writing as revising drafts

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Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? Unless you’re one of the fortunate minority, the answer is probably a resounding well duh!

When you’re having difficulty getting the ball rolling with your Web content, remember that you’ll likely be editing much of it once you’ve stepped away from it for a few hours and sometimes days. Returning to what you’ve written after a break gives you a fresh and objective perspective of your work, and this fact alone should help you relax a bit and get into your writing without worrying about it being perfect on the first pass.

4. Generate Unique Ideas

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Idea generation is crucial to be a good writer. You should generate creative unique and thoughtful ideas. You can generate ideas by reading different blogs or by brain storming. Human brain is the best processing unit of the world, massive number of ideas strike in mind every day; you just have to preserve them. I will suggest you to keep your notebook with you every time, to write random ideas for future needs. Once idea is in your mind and you are certain about what you are going to write then you should research about it. If you want to write something in a better way, you must have plenty of information about that topic. If the topic is not 100% clear to you then you will not be able to make it interesting for readers.

5. Simplicity

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Words and structure of the sentence should be kept simple; use of rare and uncommon words should be uprooted. Doing this, more number of readers will be able to read and understand your article as not everyone has rich English vocabulary. Making simple sentence should be your priority, not to use extraordinary wording in your article. People will judge your intelligence from the way of expressing the idea, not from the complex wording that you use. Writing short and simple sentences can help in eliminating grammatical mistakes. Before writing a sentence you should decide whether the sentence gives clear meaning in active voice or passive voice, write it in the form which seems more directed and easy to understand.

6. Originate Yourself, Don’t Be A Copy Cat

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You must believe in yourself and your abilities, you should think that you can write about that specific topic in the best way it can possibly be written. Do not follow any rule or code whatsoever. Don’t think about other writers, how they write, what their writing style is, blah blah. Originate your own style, which is different than others, this will be refreshing for your readers. Just think about the topic you want to write for at least some time before writing and then let your own brain function in the best way. By doing this you will have excellent content coming to your mind and you will free yourself from any compulsion.

7. Keep Your Readers Busy

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Another important thing to consider is to keep the reader interested about what is coming up next. Just do not explain each and every point in the beginning of the topic. Doing so will leave no material for you in the end to finish the article strongly. Just ask some kind of question to the reader to keep him interested in your article. Keep the readers guessing what is going to come next? If the reader finds your article uninteresting he will not last long reading it. It’s your job to develop his interest in the article and keep him engaged throughout the article by adding different mysteries and inquiries. But also be careful that you do not derail from your topic and your article does not become too long and eventually uninteresting due to “suspense”. Do not try to overuse any of the tricks regarding developing the reader’s interest.

8. Readers Feedback

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You should accept positive criticism on you. Read the feedback of readers very carefully. You must not ignore the importance of the reader’s comments, as they help you in rectifying yourself. You will get to know where your weakness lies and where you have to ameliorate yourself. Some people feel ashamed when they get criticized by the people’s feedback. They consider it their insult when people give negative comments about their article, but this is not what they should do. They should take this in a positive way, as suggestion to improve their writing style. They should use all the energy in the next article and try to improve as much as they can. You should only accept positive criticism, which helps in improving your writing style. Try to ignore criticism which is just for demotivating. Whenever you want to write anything next time, concentrate on the mistakes pointed out by the people in your previous articles. No one is perfect writer in beginning, so no need to get worried by the criticism after your first or second article. Just learn from your mistakes and try to improve your skills as much as you can.

9. Estimate Skill and Abilities Of Yourself

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Never under or over estimate your skills and abilities. Don’t think that you can never be a good writer and absolutely don’t think you are best writer in the world. Try to learn from every mistake you make and learn something new, your skills will boost for sure. Never get disappointed if people criticize you and don’t get too happy if someone praised your writing skills. Just think that I’m average writer, neither best nor worst.

10. Re-Read Before You Post

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After writing all the content you should read that article again and again, called proofreading. No one can write correctly in the first attempt. Proof reading enables you to get to know the mistakes that you might have committed during writing the article. These mistakes can be of any nature, like spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes etc. Proof reading enables you to check your flow of writing, so you can check the arrangement of sentences and correct them accordingly. Few mistakes are bearable but if your article is full of spelling and grammar mistakes, it will harm your credibility and your readership will have bad impression about your skills. I would recommend you to proofread your article slowly and more than once so that all the faults and errors can be eradicated.

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