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100 Magical Effects of jQuery Part II

Since the arrival of the jQuery library, the life of JavaScript programmers have gotten a lot easier because now it’s simpler to develop web 2.0 applications. With jQuery, the programmers can keep their code organized and concise, which is the major slogan of the library, “write less, do more”

You can utilize jQuery to handle events, generate animations, and even add an Ajax support into your web applications in a very easy way. Certainly you can use JavaScript to execute all the jQuery functions, but if you use it, your programming times will reduce and your effectiveness will increase, and that’s the real magic of jQuery. On this roundup we will show you the most captivating and creative jQuery tools and effects to inspire you, from animations to slideshows, you will find plenty of effects on this article, hope you enjoy it.

On the old times, text were just system fonts and large contents, but now we have learned that you can do a lot more things with texts. This section covers all type of text effects, from transitions, to stylish customizations, you will find a lot of ways to pimp up your texts with our beloved jQuery.

51. jQuery FontEffect


FontEffect is a jQuery plugin that adds some effects to the HTML texts.

52. jQuery text gradient


A decent attempt to create a text gradient effect in jQuery, For sure that this effect deserves to get featured in here.

53. jQuery label effects


Nice effect series to stylize your text using  jQuery.

54. Fade Colors Using jQuery


Add fading gradients to your text with this pretty jQuery effect.

55. Cross browser text-shadow


A fixed version of this jQuery effect that adds a shadow behind your texts.

56. Grab bag, jQuery text effects


A short list of jQuery effects that works with texts, adding effects to them.

57. jTicker


A nice text effect with jQuery, you can find all the information about it on the original link.

58. Effects jTypeWriter


With this jQuery effect, you can apply different looks to your texts that emulate a typewriter.

59. 3D Flying Text in jQuery


On this site you will find the way to create a flying 3D text effect with jQuery.

60. Airport


If you want to emulate the classic airport’s billboards that have ever-changing texts, this effect does that.

61. Flying Text With Fade Effect


With jQuery you can create nice effects, such as this fading flying text effect.

62. Codename Rainbows


With just a little code knowledge you can get these text effects without even opening Photoshop.

63. Fading color effect


Implementing this jQuery effect will add a subtle gradient to show up every time you roll over a link.

64. Playing with jQuery Color Plugin and Color Animation


On this link you will find how to make colorful menu elements with jQuery.

65. It’s a Rainbow! – Color Changing Text and Backgrounds


Rotate between different color tones whilst displaying a single picture.

66. Font Size Based On Word Count


Depending of the amount of words that your text block possesses, the jQuery effect will establish the proper font size for it.

67. Use the jQuery UI to Control the Size of Your Text


Elegant slider made with jQuery that allows you to adjust the font size of a block text according to your needs.

68. Simple jQuery Text Resizer


Simple but helpful jQuery text resizer to optimize your website’s performance.

69. jQuery Approach


A rollover jQuery effect that makes that every time you place your cursor in front of the text, it changes in terms of color and size.

70. Zooming with jQuery


Simple complement that allows you to zoom a text many times for a better reading.

71. AutoCompleter


Useful jQuery implementation that shows an auto complete box when you’re entering a text.

72. 3D Tag Sphere


Create an elegant 3D tag sphere that works just like a tag cloud.

73. jQuery Word Counter


The previous screenshot shows you a jQuery tool where you can edit the limit of characters within a HTML textarea.

Carousels / Slideshows

This section is about image presentations and the effects that have been made to fulfill that task. Carousels like its name says, are image galleries where you can see the pictures moving all the time. Slideshows are similar than carousels but less 3D and more gallery-like, anyway, they’re both quite similar and that’s why we decided to include them on the same category.

If you want to find more brilliant galleries made with jQuery, visit our article “100 best jQuery image gallery plugins”.

74. Cloud Carousel


Reflections and a natural movement are two of the most relevant aspects of this carousel.

75. Step Carousel Viewer


Nice carousel, although you probably will perceive this more like a slideshow than a carousel.

76. BlogSlideShow


A fancy image viewer to fancy a little your website, it’s done entirely with jQuery.

77. BoxSlider 2.0


Classic slideshow created with jQuery, ideal for implementing on many websites.

78. Slick Auto-Playing Featured Content Slider


Simple slider, functional and easy to adjust to your site’s needs.

79. Simple Controls Gallery


Great picture gallery created with jQuery.

80. CrossSlide


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2KB of JavaScript are the essence of this lovely jQuery cross slider.

81. Highslide JS


Easy going jQuery image previewer, you can check the code and adjust it to your site.

82. FancyBox


Quoting their exact words, FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, HTML content and multi-media in a Mac-style “lightbox” that floats on top of web page.

83. Galleria


Nice gallery that you can use anytime on your site, specially on minimalistic places.

84. Polaroid Photo Viewer


Injecting jQuery into your web designs can help you make things like this Polaroid photo viewer.

85. Sliding Boxes and Captions


A basic idea with a great result, just playing with boxes and animations to generate this gallery.

86. ImageFlow


A friendly gallery developed with jQuery, works in a very elegant way.

87. Image Rotator with Preview


You will find quite amusing the images that these guys used making this image gallery.

88. Coin Slider


Great jQuery gallery, fabulous effects and transitions.

89. PieceMaker


As the description says, PieceMaker is a great open source 3D Flash image rotator gallery.

90. Revealing Photo Slider


Useful jQuery image slider, it’s interesting the way the images react to the mouse click.

91. BBC Radio 1 Zoom Tabs


Inspired on the latest BBC Radio 1 website, we find this jQuery effect that can be used as a gallery.

92. Leopard Dashboard


Great Mac emulation with jQuery, these are the kind of thins that can make you love jQuery.

93. Z-Index and jQuery


On this effect made with jQuery, you will learn how to make a pile of pictures that work as a gallery.

94. Contextual Slideout Tips With jQuery & CSS3


An easy way to create some nice contextual slideouts with jQuery.

95. Zoomer Gallery


Pure Flash style, zero ActionScript, 100 % jQuery, this gallery works with a rollover effect that increases the picture’s size when highlighting it.

96. Advanced background slideshow


Full size background slider, a good way to place more than just a generic photograph.

97. Panning Slideshow


If you select the proper pictures, you will have in your hands a gorgeous slideshow.

98. Sliding Login Panel


Many developers can remember themselves doing a similar panel a few years ago on ActionScript and well, it’s  good to find it on jQuery.

99. Beautiful Background Image Navigation with jQuery


Astounding navigation system, it’s brilliant the treatment given to the image transitions.

100. iCarousel


Elegant jQuery carousel to display a series of pictures in a very clean way.

101. Awesome Bubble Navigation


Brilliant navigation system, it shows a different way of developing a site’s navigation. For sure it’s a great way to take advantage of jQuery.

102. Semitransparent Rollovers


An easy way to create a subtle translucent rollover effect with jQuery.

103. Spacegallery


A nice way to use jQuery, very tech-like gallery, ideal for tech and engineering applications.

104. Morphing Gallery


Pretty cool, it’s a different way of using jQuery on developing a gallery.

105. Pikachoose


There’s no Pikachu like you think after reading the title, only a fancy jQuery gallery.

Image Edition

This category gathers all the jQuery effects that are designed for editing images, effects such as cropping or rescaling are included on this part of the showcase, probably you will find more than one of this effects quite useful.

106. Crop Example


Useful jQuery effect that lets you crop an image to make the adjustments that you consider necessary.

107. jQuery Demo: Creating a Sliding Image Puzzle


If you want to have some fun, you should take a look at this amusing jQuery effect.

108. jCrop


Similar to the Photoshop’s crop, this is certainly an useful jQuery tool.

109. jQZoom


You can make a nice jQuery zoom just like the one on the previous screenshot, it offers different ways of zooming in and out.

110. jQuery Virtual Tour


An extension to Single Panorama Viewer, which is a great jQuery effect to take 360 degrees observations.

111. AnythingZoomer


You can zoom in over anything, from texts to images to check out all the little details.

112. ImgAreaSelect


Simple image area selector with jQuery, it shows you the coordinates and dimensions of the selection.

113. PanView


Hold down your mouse and start navigating across an image.

114. Rounded Images


A nice way to stylize your pictures with jQuery by giving them  nice rounded corners.

115. jQuery Corner Demo


There’s more than one way of using rounded corners, as you can see on the previous screenshot.

116. PNG Overlay


A good way to fancy your images so they can get a good looking overlay vibe.

117. jQuery for Background


Insert an animated background to your buttons with jQuery.

118. Resizeable Background Image


The name says it all, a resizable background image with jQuery.

119. Circular Motion Effect


Nice circle series that together create a pretty cool navigation system.

120. Photo Zoom Out Effect


Great jQuery gallery, not just a simple slider, it plays with proportions whilst rolling over.

121. Photoshoot Effect


Using jQuery you can obtain fabulous effects such as this amazing photoshoot effect.

122. Interactive Picture


With this tool you can add interactivity to an image via jQuery, ideal for making descriptions of elements within a picture.

122. Cloud Zoom


Great cloud zoom effects, you will definitely love the glow effect used on this jQuery effect.

123. Apple-like retina effect


For those who are familiar with the Apple products, you will enjoy this jQuery effect.

124. Micro Image Gallery


Clean and elegant jQuery gallery, ideal for implementing on minimalistic websites.

125. Image Highlighting and Preview


Nice way of highlighting pictures within a document.

126. Image splitting effect


Very simple effect that can be used along with galleries and stuff.

127. ImjQMosaic


jQuery implemented as a highlighter tool in a mosaic style.

128. URL Screenshot Preview


With this tool you can show a preview to any URL after a rollover in front of a hyperlink.

Utilities and Extras

This part covers those jQuery effects and tools that did not fit on any of the previous categories, you will find some pretty interesting things on this final section of the showcase, enjoy it.

129. ColorPicker


It’s always useful to have a color selector at the reach of your hands, maybe you want to keep this under your selections.

130. Rotating Billboard System


You can use this great effect on your site instead of a slideshow and without a single line of ActionScript.

131. jQuery Rotate


If you’re not happy with having straight grid and straight pictures, then you can use this jQuery effect to fix it.

132. The Sexy Curls


Beautiful jQuery effect to see the truth behind a website, which means seeing the code behind the design.

133. Simple Tooltips


Create little tool tips to add to your website’s elements with this jQuery tool.

134. Rezoner’s jEffects


I know that this one may fit on the galleries section, but because of its quality we moved it here.

135. jQuery Touchwipe


Obtain wipe gesture from touch screens, works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.

136. Image Blur


This one could be inside the images area, but we think that it’s a pretty cool effect and deserves to be considered as unique.

137. Before / After


Great jQuery plugin to make comparisons, such as the one shown on the screenshot.

138. Music player with mouse gestures


A jQuery effect that will improve the interactivity of your websites by the using of click and drag properties.

139. Greyscale Hover Effect


Lovely hover effect that turns everything to a greyscale when rolling over.

140. Tetris with jQuery


Well what can we say about this one?, you will definitely have a lot of fun with this.

141. jQTwitter


If you need to add a Twitter box to your site, jQuery offers this nice solution for you.

142. jQuery Animation Plugin


An easy and effective way to set an image scale with a simple jQuery syntax.

143. jQuery easing animation


Similar to Flash’s McTween, this jQuery series has been made to help you make amazing animations.

144. Background Position Effect


Quote: Adds the ability to do background-position animations from  jQuery 1.2, and newer.

145. jQuery Bounce Page


A bouncing box where you can place text and animate it.

146. CanvasSwap


If you need to save space but still show a lot of pictures, you might want to check this jQuery tool.

147. Several jQuery Animations


A large list of jQuery animations developed by the people of Tutorialized for you to check out.

148. jScratchcard


Pretty cool, it emulates a scratch card, like the classic lotto tickets you buy on the market.

149. jQuery Flight Board


Similar to an effect that we showed you before, this is definitely a great idea.

150. Dock and Stack


And the final effect is a nice recreation of the Mac desk, which is something that many people really like. OK guys, that was it for this countdown, some of the nicest and most useful jQuery effects that are ready to give you a hand when developing your own projects, let us know your opinion and tell us about additional effects that we did not include on our showcase, see you next time.

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