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12 Beautiful Vegetable Carving Examples

Just like a sculptor can do a lot of things with a single piece of stone, the chef can also do a lot of sculpturing with different kinds of vegetables. Carvings with vegetables are mainly used for garnishing a particular dish or for decorating in general. This is a particular art that is being is mainly mastered by the culinary experts and even by the homemakers who an inclination towards art.

If you are hosting a small party at your home, then a vegetable carving at the dinner table can add on to the aesthetic beauty of the whole dinner table. Vegetable art can be of different kinds, to be honest it depend on the creative genius of the sculptor. Mostly, it can be seen that beautiful figures are being carved with the vegetables, staring from sailing ships, figures of birds, statues in different backgrounds and even scary skulls to fit perfectly with the Halloween dinner party.  Mainly colorful vegetables and fruits are used in the vegetable carving to make it appear more attractive and eye catching. Even with the remains of some of the vegetables the chef can create some creative and unique miniature of some colorful flowers or other things that can be very useful garnishing a particular dish.

1. Artistic vegetable carving

A replica of our ship with carrot sails, This photo was taken on November 1, 2010 in Quang Ninh, VN, using a Panasonic DMC-GF1.

Vegetable Carving Pictures

2. Carved Birds

This photo was taken on August 9, 2007 using a Panasonic DMC-FZ10.

Vegetable Carving Pictures

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