15 E-Commerce Sites Offering Best Shopping Experience

More and more people are turning to the web for their shopping. From clothing items to electronic devices to furniture, everything is now bought online as this is the easiest and the most convenient way to shop, right from the comfort of one’s home.

Online shopping gives consumers choice and convenience. Unlike local stores, online stores are accessible round-the-clock and 7 days a week. But despite the sheer convenience of this medium, not all businesses have been able to successfully tap into it. While some eCommerce sites are highly successful in attracting shoppers, many fail to do so.

A user interface that is confusing or a layout that is hard to navigate will deter customers and prospects, and reduce the number of repeat purchases. On the other hand, targeted search and filters, clear call-to-action buttons and complete product descriptions are some of the basic and best ways to encourage visitors to shop with you.

Here is a list of eCommerce sites offering the best UX:

#1 – Amazon


Search and filters are two of the most important features of an eCommerce site. Amazon does a brilliant job of offering user-centered, customizable, and interactive search and filter options to its visitors. Users choose the criteria that are important to them and only view relevant products.

Shoppers can also refine their search based on price range and different attribute types. For instance, if a shopper is looking for an LCD TV, he can use filters such as: display size, resolution, featured brands, price, features & apps, 3D Technology, refresh rate, supported internet services, etc., to save time and find relevant products.

#2 – Made

What do you see when you browse through an eCommerce site? Nine out of ten shoppers have the same answer – pictures. To boost conversion rates, an eCommerce site must use quality images for all its products. Made gets it right by showcasing its products with high-quality imagery and offers elements like dynamic zooming, different angles, color variations, and context view to enhance user experience.

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