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15 Intriguing Examples of Street Art Around Rome

…And Pointed Satire

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credit: antmoose

A man in free-fall: a comment on the corrupt state of Italian society; or the impact of EU mass-privatisation on the ordinary Italian? Whatever the meaning, it remains a striking image.

Life on the Consumer Conveyor Belt

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credit: fabulousfabs

More cheeky satire, again seemingly lifted from the Beano Guide to Subverting Authority. Interestingly, this one is in English; whether to directly address tourists or as some mark of greater subversion, we’re not entirely sure.

Invader in Rome

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credit: anya

Is there a single city remaining in the world where Invader hasn’t left his mark? Like everywhere else before it, Rome is now home to a horde of these little blighters, zipping across facades like a 1980s arcade simulation gone Skynet. People will be digging these up in centuries’ time, wondering what they possibly could have meant.

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