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15 Intriguing Examples of Street Art Around Rome

The Mob Train

credit: rob_react

A metro train is transformed into a delightful array of faces, but wait… is there something more sinister going on? Allusions to the mob and Mafia control of the city’s interests transform a moderately amusing work into a multi-levelled piece of art.

Street Corner Giraffes

credit: adrienneserra

Two giraffes, facing opposite directions; is it a metaphor, or just a groovy image? Either way, we like – enough to include it here at any rate.

Cinema What?

credit: antmoose

Is it Arnie? Regardless, this piece caught our eye in downtown Trastevere as a perfect example of the cinematic obsessions currently swirling through Roman street art. Expect plenty of these on any graffiti-based tour of the Italian capital.

The Sightless Lad

credit: antmoose

Built from fragments of old newspaper before being posted to the wall, this piece of street art is breath-taking, complex and loaded with meaning. Are the missing eyes a mistake or a sharp political comment?

A Vibrant Finish

credit: fabulousfabs

Finally, this delightful mural sums up all that’s great about the street art scene in Rome. It is fun, vibrant, brash, loud and overpowering – what’s not to like?


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