28 Crushing Resources and Tutorials for JQuery

Query is a different kind of JavaScript Library which has a lot of abilities such as event handling, animating and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. Also it plays a big part in website usability.

Stop before you are scrolling down thinking ‘awesome stuff’. Each resource of this article is worth checking out. Someday you will use the knowledge in a personal project or a plug-in in a client project. Here you’ll find 28 Crushing Resources and Tutorials for JQuery with down loadable files and explanations as well. In this article you will find out a new way of Web Design using these useful jquery resources.

Stay tuned and Enjoy!

1. Switch Display Options

Switch Display Options, Jquery Resources

2. Site Switcher

Site Switcher, jquery resources

3. Feature List

Feature List, Jquery Resources

4. Galleria

Galleria, Jquery Resources

5. Anything Slider

Anything Slider, Jquery Resources

6. Polaroid Photo Viewer

Polaroid Photo Viewer

7. Show/Hide Jquery Panel

Show / Hide Jquery Panel

8. Numeric Slider

Numeric Naviagtion Jquery Slider, Enhance Your Website

9. A Different Type of Jquery Top Nav

Different Type of Jquery Top Nav

10. Jquery Ajax Tooltip

Jquery Ajax Tooltip

11. JavaScript Custom Drop Down

JavaScript Custom Drop Down

12. Jquery Mega Menu

Jquery Mega Menu to Enhance Your Website

13. Jquery Image Rotator

Jquery Image Rotator

14. Jquery Inline Form Validation

Jquery Inline Form Validation

15. JavaScript Accordion Menu

JavaScript Accordion Menu

16. Drop Down with CSS and Jquery

Drop Down With CSS and Jquery

17. Jquery Moving Boxes

Jquery Moving Boxes

18. Jquery Drop Down Tabs

Jquery Drop Down Tabs

19. Jquery Upload and Crop Image

Jquery Upload and Crop Image

20. Scroll Menu With Jquery

Scroll Menu With Jquery

21. Jquery Tooltip Coda Bubble

Coda Bubble, Jquery Tooltip

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22. Jquery Mega Drop Down Menu

Jquery Mega Drop Down Menu

23. Jquery Drop Down Plug-in

Jquery Drop Down Plug-in

24. Fancy Sliding Menu for Mootools

Fancy Sliding Menu for Mootools

25. Twitter Login

Jquery Twitter Login

26. Jquery Space Gallery

Jquery Space Gallery

27. Scroll Show

Jquery Scroll Show

28. Hover Sub Tag Cloud

Hover Sub Tag Cloud

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