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30 Creative New Facebook Profile Page Design

Facebook Page Design recently revamped the profile layout; and it seems that some users are complaining about the Facebook new profile page layout. But, some of the users started having fun with it and showing really serious creativity by taking advantage of Facebook new profile page photo layout. It all started when a French Artist Alexandre Oudin (profile shown below on no.1) started the craze of showing creativity with the profile images. And a trend has been set with more and more such designs are now emerging. Facebook users are playing around with their profile pics and creating awesome profile page using animations, photography, typography and videos.

So, today in this article, our focus will be on showcasing creative Facebook profile page designs. And if you are inspired enough after seeing this showcase and want to make it your own profile page design – keep visiting our website and we will show you a tutorial on how to customize new Facebook profile layout.

And for now, have a look on these excellent compilation of 30 Creative New Facebook Profile Page Design. If you have too redesigned your Facebook profile page or you like any of the page, you are most welcome to drop a link in the comments section below and we will include in this list.

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1. Alexandra Oudin

new facebook profile hack e1293994219470

2. Antony Legrand

new facebook profile hack1 e1293994425929

3. Nir Refuah

new facebook profile hack2 e1293994627285

4. Jason Keiter

new facebook profile hack4 e1293994980184

5. Shawn Lee

new facebook profile hack5 e1293995138548

6. Chris Williams

new facebook profile hack6 e1293995468895

7. Carlos Gonzalez

new facebook profile hack7

8. Akire Erika Sanchez

new facebook profile hack8

9. Thibaut Le Brasseur

new facebook profile hack9 e1293995884728

10. Katie Sokoler

new facebook profile hack10 e1293996003464

11. Jayden Tan

new facebook profile hack11 e1293996183727

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12. Jon Yang

new facebook profile hack13 e1293996437187

13. Ouri Stopek

new facebook profile hack14 e1293996559481

14. Cyril Boggs Serrano

new facebook profile hack15 e1293996695674

15. John Robert – Nicoud

new facebook profile hack16 e1293996822978

16. Gunjan Singh Rawat

new facebook profile hack17 e1293996958636

17. Adz Zafe

new facebook profile hack18 e1293997100879

18.  BestBuddies DogBoutique

new facebook profile hack19 e1293997350865

19. Marc Laurent – Atthalin

new facebook profile hack20

20. Cynical Grinch

new facebook profile hack21 e1293997874758

21. Cedric Belconde

new facebook profile hack22 e1293997951984

22. Cynthia Lay

new facebook profile hack23 e1293998427333

23. Jack Smith

new facebook profile hack24 e1293998553457

24. Spencer Yuen

new facebook profile hack25 e1293998659462

25. Murtadi Khan

new facebook profile hack26 e1293998740624

26. Chris

new facebook profile hack30 e1293999351773

27. Rahul Jadhav

new facebook profile hack31 e1293999460759

28. Tamara Lynn Luke-Kwan

new facebook profile hack32 e1293999650972

29. Glen Peredo

screen capture 3 e1293999919482

30. Luke Kingma

new facebook profile hack33 e1294000019870

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