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3D DIY Wall Painting Design Ideas to Decorate Home

Bubbles With a Tissue Paper

This is another pretty and bold way. Working with tissue paper asks a bit of patience. You may alter the shape and color to create bright pattern by using random shapes or triangles.

Sectioned Canvas Wall-Art

The cool turquoise and bamboo sticks tips of photograph give a DIY- fresh and organic look. This fragmented look appears a lot ‘artsy’ then common giant photo hung on wall.

Modern Wall-Art DIY Project or DIY Circle Punch Art

This is favorite for ideal and sophisticated class. You need a blank canvas, acrylic colors and tape. Your imagination has limits with this design. It covers different design and geometric design possibilities.

Canvas & Colorful Shades

Simply choose the shades of color and create stylish, elegant and simple wall art. You can choose contrast and gradient patterns.

Fabric Panel Wall Art Installation

This panel adds color and textual contrast on the wall.

Paper Scrap 3D Wall Art

You have to scrap paper that brings depth and space of color.

Picture Perfect Walls!.

Digital images and Photographs offer a great opportunity to add color as well as personality at center.

Amazing 3D DIY Wall Painting Design Ideas



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