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3D Illustrations Made From Everyday Objects by Victor Nunes

Victor Nunes is one of the unique artist who gives a new purpose to everything he touches. 3D Illustrations is the most popular topic of all times. Different artist do different things to amaze the people. Every person is surrounded with different things or objects but you have never imagine that you can convert those things into a 3D illustration.

Victor Nunes is one the great artist which is surrounding different objects and with the simple line drawings, he creates playful illustrations. He use Popcorn to turns into faces, he uses lettuce into hair and dresses, by using different scissors into animals and pencil shavings into mohawks and wings.

Victor Nunes is a 63 year old, retired art director, from São Paulo, Brazil. He opened a Facebook page where post daily one ore more art faces done from everyday objects from from foil pill packaging to pencil shavings or food. His images invite us to look at the world differently and find creative images in our surroundings. We just wonder how is it to live with such a imaginative eye in time of lunch. What is sure, is a true joy to find such mix art made with simple forms and sketches. It give the hope that you don’t need to be a Picasso to start to play with shapes and forms.

Here are some of his great 3d Illustration by Victor Nunes. Hope you like it.



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