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45+ HD Deadpool Wallpapers and Backgrounds For PC and Mobile

HD Deadpool Wallpapers

45+ HD Deadpool Wallpapers and Backgrounds

HD Deadpool Wallpapers and backgrounds in HD for your Mobile, Tables, PC and Laptop are very popular among comic lovers. The character has also become a widely known after the release of deadpool movie by Marvel.

If we talk about Sci-Fi based superheroes movies, Deadpool is quite different. He has a crazy sense of humor and uses language that is perhaps more suited for late night shows. Nevertheless, he certainly has a lot of fans across the globe, and for them, we have a cool collection of wallpapers from the new Deadpool movie. Ryan Renolds certainly has put on a good act to please Marvel executives, but the true fans are the ones whose opinion matter most.

Deadpool is an antihero created by Rob Liefeld. He is a famous fictional character in Marvel Universe. He appeared first in The New Mutants #98 in February 1991. Deadpool’s real name is wade Winston Wilson. He is among few other self-aware characters. He knows that he is a comic book character. He is quite talkative and often breaks fourth wall to interact with readers which is used as a comic relief.

Deadpool is an exceptionally well trained mercenary and assassin. He is an expert in various forms of martial arts. He has regenerative healing powers. These powers prevent him from being permanently injured through enhanced cell regeneration. He is also resistant to chemical and toxins. It is very difficult for him to be intoxicated.

His strengths are also his biggest weaknesses. The cell regeneration is so rapid that it causes mental instability. It causes several problems such as memory loss but it also makes him an unpredictable and formidable opponent.  He has an improvised fighting style and considered skilful at distracting people.

Deadpool identifies as pansexual.  It sets him apart from other characters in this aspect too.  Deadpool’s back story is vague and subject to speculation. Due to his mental condition he is not able to remember his personal history.

If you were not already familiar with this Marvelous character, now you must be more interested in the character after reading about all these aspects about his life.  He possesses a fascinating personality which makes him a fan favorite. And for all the fans we have curated a collection of best available HD deadpool wallpapers. Just download the wallpaper you choose and set it as background of your screen.

If you’re one of those or are just looking for some spicy, funny wallpapers, here’s a collection of HD Deadpool wallpapers like no other. ENJOY!

HD Deadpool Wallpapers For Mobile and PC

We tried to gather the best HD Deadpool Wallpapers.  Was there another character that you were hoping to see on one of these wallpapers? Let us know in the comments below!

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