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5 Best iPad Christmas Apps for Kids

Christmas holidays are soon going to be here; which means that you are going to get pretty busy with the shopping, the decorating, the cooking and of course the planning. With so much to do, it becomes difficult to find time to entertain your kids. Therefore now would be the best time to download some really fun and entertaining ipad apps for kids onto your iPad relating to Christmas. These ipad apps will not only keep your kids busy, but will also help your children learn a few things about Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your iPad right now and get busy downloading these cool Christmas apps for kids.

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


There are plenty of Dr Seuss books for kids that are available on iTunes; but this Christmas your kids are especially going to enjoy reading and listening to ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’. It is a very interactive app that gives a lot of options to kids. The kids can have the story read to them by a professional narrative voice or they can read at their own leisure. The kids can also touch the characters in the pictures and then enjoy listening to the character’s names and the name of the story.

2. Naughty or Nice Scan


Use the Naughty Or Nice Scan along with your parenting skills to teach a few good lessons or manners to your children these holidays. The app will scan the fingerprints of the child into Santa’s magic book and is then going to use the finger print for measuring naughtiness or niceness. In case Santa labels you as a naughty one, you don’t need to worry. Instead you can play along with the built in Christmas countdown timer that you lets you catch up on your good behaviour so that you are once again in Santa’s ‘Nice List’.

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3. Christmas Spell Lite


Christmas Spell Lite is a really fun and educational Christmas app for young kids. Children of small ages can get tucked in with their favourite teddies into the blankets and enjoy this Christmas spelling game. They will enjoy when the letters come floating in on snowflakes inside a snow globe. The children will have to catch the letters, re-arrange them and make correctly spelled words. The children will not forget it’s the time of Christmas with the beautiful animations and they can also learn a few things while school is out.

4. Elf Command


Download this really fun and free app onto your iPad for your kids. Kids enjoy listening to Christmas tales about Santa and his elves. Now they can be one of the elves and help Santa pack up gifts for everyone in the correct boxes. This app is really a cool time management game.

5. Elmo’s Monster Maker


Every little kid knows Elmo from Sesame Street and all of these kids love this character because of his innocence and humour. Now with this app, you can bring the famous Elmo to your iPad and he is going to enchant the kids with the same humour. Using a lot of Christmassy features, kids can decorate this monster just the way they like it.

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  • Thank you so much, these holiday-themed kid’s apps are perfect! One of my coworkers here at DISH sent me this link, as she knew I was looking for some new apps for my kids to use over Christmas when my family and I do some travelling. My kids are sure to love the Grinch app, as this is their absolute favorite holiday special. I have it saved for them on our DVR at home, so they can watch it while we travel using the DISH Remote Access app I got a while back. It allows them to watch live and recorded TV off the home receiver from where ever we are, as long as we can get a 3G or wifi connection. They also love Sesame Street, and we have some of those saved on the receiver, so the Elmo’s Monster Maker app looks like a great fit, too! Thanks again!

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