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5 Simple and Effective Website Design Rules

Quality website designs or a good website design can give your company the exclusivity it desires. Website designs are instrumental in providing your business with a uniqueness that sets it apart from other businesses in the web market.

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An affable design and interactive interface can draw and retain more visitors on your site, thereby increasing chances of product purchase and revenue generation.

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Some of the imperatives of a good website are its design and color scheme, well-written content, a smart layout and storyboarding, and simple navigation. Here is presenting you the 5 Simple and Effective Website Design Rules

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1. It’s All in the Viewer’s Mind

A visually appealing website design can safely be assumed to create a lasting impression on its visitor’s mind. An excellent website is usually one that holds the customer’s attention longer than its competitive sites, and urges him to take positive action, either by way of product purchase, or filling out survey forms, etc.

To ensure the aforesaid however, it is important that a website be designed from the viewer’s point of view. If you find yourself at loggerheads as to how this can be done, simple apply logic used by superstores: DISPLAY.

Display your products to the maximum advantage within the perimeters of aesthetics and you’ve got the visitor’s attention!

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2. Content Rules

It is not enough to write informative content. Nobody likes reading product literature. What marginally qualifies as ‘good’ content to writers is usually, something combining professional writing style and technical jargon, that is the least bit appealing to readers

Make your content simple, to the point and informative. Adopt an easy style that everyone understands. Throw in a few witty lines and you’ve got something that is interesting to read. Keep an eye on grammar, as grammatically incorrect content is a serious off putter and a downer for even the most beautiful website designs.

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3. Images

Pictures attract. Period. Using creative and aesthetically designed images in your website means an increased possibility of capturing and retaining viewer interest.

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A fine balance of image and content is what makes an intelligently conjured design layout. It takes a good intellect to achieve this balance. Your first task therefore is to find a good website design company that can help you gain web prominence with a creative web design.

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4. Beauty is in Simplicity

It is safe to assume that most web users are not technically sound. Hence, developing a website like with complicated navigation, no matter how systematic and technically advanced, is the surest way to doom.

Keep the general look of your website simple and smart, and its use, easy. Avoid interruptions like pop-ups and ads that almost always irritate visitors.

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5. Communicate

A high quality website design always has an efficient communication system in place. Make sure there is enough scope to interact with your customers, either through blog posts, forum posts, email campaigns or live chats.

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