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50 Magical Effects of jQuery Part I

Make your work easy by these jquery examples. Get rid of the hassle of long coding and use these jquery tutorials and follow any Jquery template. Since the arrival of the jQuery library, the life of JavaScript programmers have gotten a lot easier because now it’s simpler to develop web 2.0 applications using Jquery Templates. With jQuery templates, the programmers can keep their code organized and concise, which is the major slogan of the library, “write less, do more”

You can utilize jQuery to handle events, generate animations, and even add an Ajax support into your web applications in a very easy way. Certainly you can use JavaScript to execute all the jQuery functions, but if you use it, your programming times will reduce and your effectiveness will increase, and that’s the real magic of jQuery. On this roundup we will show you the most captivating and creative jQuery tools and effects to inspire you, from animations to slideshows, you will find plenty of effects on this article, hope you enjoy it.

Transition effects

As the name says, these effects are designed to generate animated switches between different elements, from smooth transitions to overlapping animations, here are some of the nicest transition effects made with jQuery:

Magical Effects of jQuery

1. InnerFade


A standard transition effect that always works well when implemented on your designs.

2. jQuery Easing Plugin


You can find an extended list of jQuery effects within this website.

3. HighlightFade


Highlights, rescaling and some other cool effects, 100% jQuery.

4. jQuery Cycle Plugin


You will certainly enjoy the way this transition occurs, it’s difficult to see how it’s executed.

5. Dynamic Page / Replacing Content


An elegant menu with some animated transitions from button to button.

6. Flip


Great transitions made with pure jQuery, it seem like it was made with Flash or something.

7. jQuery Cycle Plugin


Different transition effects to implement on your site.

8. Image Cross Fade Transition


Well transition effect, the screenshot can provide you an idea of how does it work.

9. AviaSlider


Beautiful transitions to implement within a gallery.

10. Creating a fading header


It’s nice to use animation effects on a header, it gives a lot of dynamic to the site.

11. jqFancyTransitions


Lovely transitions that can easily be implemented inside a gallery.

12. jQuery Cycle Plugin – Effects Browser


An extended list of jQuery effects to use with your thumbnails, you can notice some of the effects on the screenshot.


This section covers jQuery effects that are made either for fun or to fancy the appearance of a website, the name says it all, jQuery can make things move!.

13. jQuery Approach


Probably you can  remember yourself doing this in Flash, see it working with pure jQuery is just great.

14. Building an Animated Cartoon Robot with jQuery


Domo arigato Mister Roboto, moving with jQuery sama, this animation effects gathers all the animation basics.

15. Quicksand


You are going to love the quality of this effect, you can create a nice dynamic library with this.

16. Spritely


Here is a clear example of why Flash is in danger, see what came out with pure jQuery.

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17. Puffing Smoke Effect in jQuery


Oh Mario, what are you doing here?, this could be a nice idea to create dynamic websites.

18. Crafting an Animated Postcard With jQuery


Great animation effect to use inside a postcard.

19. Glimmer


Another great animation effect for jQuery lovers, you can see how the landscapes moves.

20. Create a Stunning Sliding Door Effect with jQuery


Nice animation effects to use when organizing a new picture gallery.

21. Parallax


Parallax is outstanding, you can play with depth of field with pure jQuery and zero interpolations.

22. Animated Header Background


Subtle movement to give some additional texture to your backgrounds.

23.  Impressive Animated Landscape Header with jQuery


Another prove of the true jQuery’s potential, see how you can manage to move at different speed values a scenario.

24. jQuery UI Animation Effects


Check out this site to find out some interesting jQuery effects that can help you to optimize your site.

25. Animate Curtains Opening with jQuery


We got surprised when we found this, it seems like a Flash animation and it isn’t!.

26. Simple Effects Plugins


Some basic effects that can always help you to stylize a webpage.

27. jQuery Circulate


Another animation using circles and movement, great effect.

28. JavaScript Sprite Animation Using jQuery


You won’t believe that they’re already accomplishing things such as this book effect with pure jQuery.

29. jQuery DJ Hero


If you are a DJ and jQuery lover, you will definitely like this application.

30. jQuery API


You can find a lot of great jQuery effects on this website.

31. jQuery Solar System


This is just great, what a great management of volume and movement.

32. Gravity in jQuery


You can play with the laws of physics, jQuery is just great.

33. Auto-Moving Parallax Background


If you check the demo you will see the background stars moving.

34. Full Cycle of Animation on Hover/Off


Several animations effects made with jQuery, we spend a few minutes playing with these fun bars.

35. jAni


Beautiful animation, it’s hard to believe that this was made without using Flash interpolations.

36. Animate Image Filling Up


Interesting animation that fills an object using jQuery, We’re sure that designers will find a nice use for this.

37. dynamic PNG shadow position & opacity


This jQuery effect can make you spend like ten minutes messing around with the bulb, just great.

38. jQuery Animations: A 7-Step Program


Nice jQuery tips from the guys of NetTuts+, some elegant effects can be found in here.

39. Fun with jQuery’s Animate () function


Just having a little fun with the animate () jQuery function.

40. Easy Sequential Animations in jQuery


Useful jQuery tips for beginners to help them start making their own effects.

41. jQuery 3D Rotator


Similar to tag clouds with a little 3D vibe, interesting jQuery effect.

42. jQuery Faux 3D


By simply placing different boxes one in front of another, you can generate a fancy 3D animation with pure jQuery.

43. Image Flip Using jQuery


You can play with depth of field with jQuery and generate great illusions like this one.

44. 3D Tag Cloud


You don’t need to use photographs or volumetric objects to create depth of field sensations, as you can see on this example.

45. Text with Moving Backgrounds


Great fancy effect, a moving background masked with a text, really nice idea.

46. Image Cube


This effect certainly looks to play with 3D by making a volumetric shape to show a series of pictures.

47. Flip HTML content in 3D


Another 3D implementation with jQuery, very simple.

48. 3D Sphere


Similar to a previous effect of this roundup, on this case we have a moving sphere emulated through the presence of a few elements.

49. Animated 3D Transforms


This jQuery effect works with a mouse-over behavior, so if you roll over one of this cute cartoons, they will react.

50. Smart 3D


Similar to Parallax, this 3D effect with jQuery works great in banners and websites in general.

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