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6 Most Amazing Pool Designs around the World

Swimming is fun, especially in summers. But what is more fun and beautiful than swimming in pools that are known worldwide due to its beauty. Here in this article, we share 6 most amazing pool designs that one must visit in their life. Whether you want a gold-plated pool between the mountains of the Himalayas or tropical environs of Bali there are surely most stunning man-made pools that are destinations in their own right.

Alila Uluwatu, Bali


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This amazing cliff-top pool in Bali, Indonesia, appears to drift in space. The cage at the end of the pool is a user-friendly bathhouse designed for looking out the pool in comfort and relaxes.

The Library, Thailand


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At first it looks like hundreds of people murdered in this pool, but no one’s been murdered here this is the way they decorate it. This amazing pool is in Koh Samui city of Thailand. The pool gets its amazing color from its base that is made of mosaic tiles in blood red, orange and yellow colors. This amazing pool looks more beautiful at night when underwater lights transform it into a stunning scene on the Chaweng riverside.

Pelican Hill, United States of America


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The name of this pool is given after the Coliseum in Rome. This world’s biggest circular pool is in California, a well-known city of United States with a diameter stretching 41.5 meters.

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives


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Maldives is full of pools and oceans, but this is one of the biggest and most beautiful pool located at the heart of the Maldives. Huvafen Fushi was the first pool that uses fiber optics. More than 1000 little lights are illuminated in this pool, and its deck often plays a role of a backdrop for alluring events like an international fashion week, etc.

This is the only pool in the Maldives that contains soap water, full of minerals, with healing effect and known therapeutic.

Nandana Villa, Bahamas

Architecture photographey of the Nandana Property at West End, Bahamas.

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Serene and private Nandana Villa pool located at Grand Bahamas, Bahamas drop directly into the Atlantic Ocean and is the central point of the Balinese property.

As Nandana Villa is a private villa, the theatrical unfussiness of the pool is not dishonored by the mess of dozens of parasols and loungers which line the average hotel pool; there are not more than half a dozen sun beds and three palm trees.

The standard, United States


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This is another pool in the heart of United State, Los Angeles. The standard is a rooftop pool that offers a panoramic view of this beautiful city. Whether it is a day or night this place is just great. At night people with pool also enjoys an entertainment space with bar, dance floor and open fireplace. If you love watching movies no place is better than this.

If you are thinking to re-design your pool why not consider anyone idea from the ideas given above. Above are top 6 pool designs that are must to visit once in a life.

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