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60 Creative Fractal Artworks

Creative Fractal art is a form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images, animations, and media. Fractal art is usually created indirectly with the assistance of fractal-generating software, iterating through three phases: setting parameters of appropriate fractal software, executing the possibly lengthy calculation and evaluating the product.

A  fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole. Fractals are generally created using mathematical equations and programs such as Apophysis.

Creative Fractal Art is a genre concerned with fractals shapes or sets characterized by self affinity (small portions of the image resemble the overall shape) and an infinite amount of detail, at all scales. Fractals are typically created on a digital computer, using an iterative numerical process. Lately, images that are not technically fractals, but that share the same basic generating technique and environment, have been welcomed into the Fractal Art world.

Because they appear similar at all levels of magnification, fractals are often considered to be infinitely complex. Natural objects that are approximated by fractals to a degree include clouds, mountain ranges, lightning bolts, coastlines, snow flakes, various vegetables and animal coloration patterns.

A fractal often has the following features:

  • It has a fine formation at arbitrarily small scales.
  • It is too asymmetrical to be easily described in usual Euclidean geometric language.
  • It has a Hausdorff dimension which is larger than its topological dimension
  • It has a simple and recursive definition.

This post showcases 60 creative fractal artworks from digital artists around the web. Using Apophysis or Power Fractal, these artists have managed to capture mathematical beauty and create stunningly colorful creations.

Enjoy the collection!

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60 Creative Fractal Artworks

Passages by Laurengary





Under River


Gilded Hollow

Dianas Journey


Tales From The Trip


Fractal Hearts

Fleur D Apo

Flaming Eye Spira

Field of Depth by Zueuk

Fantasy Lover

Dream Blooms by Colliemom

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Colorful Swirl




Water Lilies

Psychestorm by Sc0t0ma

Polka Dot Explosion

Nexus by NinthTaboo

Fractal Peral

Dream Blooms by Colliemom

The Beginning by Magnusti78

A Feeling by Magnusti78

Autumn Dance by Silwenka

Fantasy Lover by KLR620

Cubik Olympic by digitalpainters

Furnace by Aexion

… by Lynn

Fairy Tree by Nirolo

Sanctuary by Creativ82

Alchemy by 404-Not-Found

Fractal Art by Nathan Smith

Melt the Ice by zueuk

Talisman V by hmn

Fractal Art by Nathan Smith

Illusions by CygX1

Evolution by trystianity

Ghostly Visage by tdierikx

I sleep only to dream of you by longan drink

Aeries Reborn by theArchon

Air by Silwenka

Perception Redefined by TyrantWave

Forever Friend by Rhiannon104

Night of the Phoenix by magnusti78

Flying Carpet by wm-d

Dragon in the Evening Desert by Treehouse Charms

The Awakening III – Rebirth by cyg1X

RR2 – Wonderland Forever by magnusti78

Mycology by cyberxaos

Fractal Flowers Collection

Last of the Summer Flowers by Omron

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