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80 Stunning Cakes Designs Ideas

Everyone deserves a stunning cake on their birthday and unique birthday cake designs are sure to surprise your friends and family on their special days. The perfect combination of flavor and design to help you show your loved ones just how much you care. Whenever i look back at childhood birthdays, it seems that the memories that remain the strongest are those of the cake.

On the occasion of designsmag 4th birthday we thought it will be great if we share with you some of the stunning cakes designs and we will definitely order one of our own design and share with you later.

Here’s a collection of 80 Stunning Cakes Designs Ideas  that are bound to make wishes come true and create birthday memories for years to come.

Angry Birds. (Image Source: Anita Jamal)

angry birds

Pinocchio cake by amber.mckenney

creative cake designs designsmag 71

Madagascar cake by Anita Jamal

creative cake designs designsmag 8

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