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Best 10 Examples Of Impressively Designed 404 Error Pages

An error may occur any time on the system during connecting to the internet. Such type of error appears when a website exists, but the specific page cannot work or open at that time. Most of the visitors feel frustrated, if they have to bear this error again and again. But, it is worth to be kept in mind that broken links are eternal and the error 404 page is as crucial as the content of a website.

Though it is a complex issue, but you can retain the trust of your visitors with the help of a well-designed 404 error page. It enables you to preserve your relations by building readership and page influence so that the visitors stay connected with the website. This is a creative task, which is not simple, but it can work properly. But, make sure that it is designed by the experienced and professional designers. Here are some of the examples of the innovative 404 page designs:


Harmony 404 Error Page Design

The design is simple, but it is enriched with all the elements of a lively design to appeal the viewers. In direct terms, it page conveys a message of love.


Tobi 404 Error Page Design

This is a perfect example of creative and cute 404 page design. It is blessed with the information such as email address to get further support or contact and link is available to get back to the home page.

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media 404 Error Page Design

It is a good example of the 404 page example having menu bar, which links to connect via social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. The page also has route map, which contains complete address as well as telephone number. Some service related links are also there on this page.

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