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Mobile websites, the beginning

Since the Android and Apple Revolution people have started shifting to mobile devices for their works and they perform almost everything from their phones, the Emails, File Uploading, Social Networking, applications almost everything is done while using the phone as its easy and convenient. Almost all organizations have made their websites available to phones and some of them also have launched applications for their mobile websites.




Having a mobile websites makes your organization stronger as mobile webpages are small to load, easy to manage and provide more creative designs and more and more people are shifting from desktops to mobile devices for internet usage.

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Awesome Designed Mobile Sites

Here are top 20 mobile websites according to design,

  1. Flirt Prom is collection of fashion dresses provided by Maggie Sottero, who is world renewed. The production was started in 2005, the mobile site is as good as their designs are, it is said to be one of most beautiful mobile sites ever designed and holds the number one position.
  2. Scandinavian Design Group is the Graphic Design company and the website and mobile site provided by them is known to best role model for web designers as it holds simplicity as well as good navigation.
  3. Nissan Automobiles are known for the design and they haven’t forgotten their designs when it comes to mobile sites too! The Nissan Australia’s Mobile site is loveable site as it provides person with quick view and description of the new models and its easy navigation helps person float to their required page.
  4. Special K’s is the health cereal company and their cereals are famous for their weight reduction ingredients which provide person with complete food and weight reduction. Their site provides weight reduction plans and that’s the reason logging into their site is essential for everyone and keeping this in view they have made their site user friendly and one of the best.
  5. Matter Design Studio is Architecture Company formed by Mechanical Engineer Brandon Clifford and Architecture Engineer Wes McGee. The mobile site provided by them is truly hard work of sharp human minds as the site is unique and provides a whole new world to think about.
  6. Pizza al taglio is one of the oldest pizza providers in Rome, Italy. Their pizza is said to be most delicious ever eaten. The mobile site can receive orders and simple user inference provides easy selection of pizza to order as well as overview of its features.
  7. Substrakt is multi designing company that can deal with User inference Graphic Design, Web development, Brand designs and graphic designs, digital advertising and mobile app development. Mobile site provided by them truly shows their passion for work as well as near future designs.
  8. John Macaluso is an American drummer and what a drummer he is! His mobile site’s design encourage person to visit his site everyday!
  9. Si digital is the web development company which provides mobile developing solutions for its clients. The mobile site provided by them is best example of perfection in designing.
  10. Lands’ end’s is the shopping site which provides clothing, home products, shoes and gifts globally. The mobile site provided by Land’s end is best example of simplicity and design at their best.
  11. American online Retailer’s mobile website ModCloth is also good in design.
  12. The Worldwide Home Products provider Dyson’s mobile site is designed neatly and sophistically
  13. GMC has their name when it comes to style and power. The mobile site provided by GMC is as good as riding ACADIA; pure pleasure is what describes the mobile sit experience.
  14. The European rock and roll site has one of the best mobile sites available, the Rock Werchter provides the information of Rock Bands, their biography as well as their new concerts and its tickets, all from your mobile!
  15. is a site for Snowboarders which provides stories, views and reviews regarding best Mountains to snowboard on.
  16. Sleek and Smart are perfect words for new Hyundai HB20 and keeping these words in view they have made its official mobile site.
  17. Visit Bruges is the official advertising site for town of Bruges, the mobile site is carefully designed and provides information related Bruges.
  18. Land O’lakes is cooking site, providing recipes and tips and tricks regarding cooking.
  19. Boar’s head is cooking guide which provides premium recipes for cooking enthusiasts.
  20. Oliver russell is the company that deals with business consultancy and their mobile is carefully designed to attract individuals as well as business enterprises.

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