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Design your Home with Fabulous Painting Coats

In the past decade, the definition of wall painting has totally changed, and with the influx of new designs, concepts and ideas, you can easily get the kind of look that you are interested in without spending too much of your money. If you are planning to paint your house or Design your Home, then go ahead and consider some of the below mentioned ideas, and we’re sure that wall painting won’t be the same for you ever again.

Popular color choices

Today paint color ideas more varied than ever. Visiting any online or local paint supply store will give you a chance to view the popular colors for homes that are in use these days. As neutral colors retain their popularity over a long period of time, they are good option for all those who paint only once in a while.

Current color trends

Aside from understanding the popular colors at the moment, by paying adequate attention to the current color trends, you can virtually set your imagination on fire. Mostly, color trends for home evolve on almost regular basis, and can help you in creating a house that is synonymous with the times.

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Use best combination of colors!

There can be no wrong or right answer when considering best combination of colors for home. It depends upon your preferences, and architecture of your house. When you have some colors in mind, you should not rule out any permutations. Go ahead, and try out different colors. In fact, you can also consult experts and come to a final decision. With right combination, you can make each room of your house stand out on its own, and yet feel inviting.

Significance of complementary colors

You can add fresh look to your home walls by using complementary colors. Plain colored walls look boring and dull after some time, so you should try to paint them using two complementary hues. If you are painting one wall of your room in bright orange color, you can create balance by painting another wall with a complementary color of your choice. Complementary colors are the ones that are exact opposite to each other in the color chart.

You can also use online software to know how a pain hue you selected will look on your home walls even before you’ve applied the first coat.

Painting techniques

If you think that only way to paint your house is by dipping a brush in paint and painting the walls, and then you are wrong. There are several ways to paint walls using techniques developed by various experts. You can also paint your walls using sponging technique, where you can use sponge for the painting the walls, and it gives an interesting look to your walls. In this process, paint reaches the surface of the walls through sponge pores, and provides a unique touch.

You can also use rollers and brush along with this technique to create an altogether different effect on your walls. If you love handmade wall art, you can make extra efforts and get the real sponging effects that will definitely make heads turn.

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