Differences between American (US) and British (UK) Fashion

Marked differences between the cultures and traditions from one country to another are a common occurrence as you move around the world. For people who love to explore the globe and different countries learning different things and cultures is one of the biggest attractions that gives them a craving to not just stick to their ordinary life and move around. Within those differences, there is one distinct element which is the dressing and fashion that also play a significant role when you move from one country to another.

For example, if you go to a Middle Eastern country, you will see the locals preferring the traditional fashion, wearing long robes and veiled dresses. Similarly, if you move to Asian countries like China, preferences in terms of big brands and casual clothing increases. Towards the western countries which are cold throughout the year, the usage of two layered clothes or heavier clothes like leather jackets is something that is very common. Today’s guest post is all about comparing the between American (US) and British (UK) Fashion of two different countries from different perspectives. The two countries in discussion are U.S.A and the U.K.

American (US) and British (UK) Fashion

American (US) and British (UK) Fashion

British Style Basics

When we talk about British culture, we can easily describe it with words like sophistication, elegance, class and flavor. There is nothing more interesting than a British accent, British people and British fashion. People who do not belong to the United Kingdom will find every inch of this land appealing and its fashion as an inspiration to follow. The British style of clothing comes from all three defining words that we just mentioned. Here people take their fashion and looks too seriously. Whether it is a routine working day, special occasion or a night out, the festival look is always on and the British spend a lot of time on their makeovers. They also judge people by the fashion they follow and the dresses they wear.

British Style Icons and Dressing

Celebrities like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson are some of the fashion inspirations from the land of Britain. They portray the British fashion’s soul and capacity all year round. People in Britain can be seen wearing top quality most luxurious leather jackets to an amazingly floral designs and patterned shirts. They prefer luxury brands a bit too much. When it comes to dressing, layer on layer clothing is very common which is a given because of the weather and the environment they live in.

American Style Basics

America is all about being casual, cool and funky. Within the midst of tall skyscrapers and outstanding sights to aspire, there are people living who take life as a party and a journey filled with exciting stuff. Sometimes Americans are labeled to be taking life too casually. Their dressing basics also reflect that, they will not really care much about luxury brands or being sophisticated with their style. Their sense of fashion is tailored towards more casual looks where skirts and shorts are extremely common.

American Style Icons and Dressing

Katie Holmes and Jennifer Anniston are the big names that portray the fashion symbolism of American fashion and dressing. The mantras is simple, try to be different, do not always follow the trend and look cute as well as laid back rather than too stuck up.

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