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Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas, Lightening Stars On Earth

Diwali is an eve, celebrated with full joy and happiness all over India. The Hindus, Sikh, and Janis observe this celebration and theme of this eve is lightening against darkness, good over evil. According to the history of Diwali, the carnival corresponds with Hindu New year and light, seems like a symbol for self-enhancement, symbolize new beginnings. Every belief has its own motive to rejoice the event, well, for many, Diwali is celebrated because the marvel of Lord Rama and his wife Sita returning to their empire in northern India from exile after conquering the devil king Ravana in 15th century BC. However, are you curious about upcoming Diwali and searching for Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas? Yes! We have amazing ideas which are just designed for your comfort.

In this article, you will find the detail about :

  • Peacock Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas
  • Floral Floor Decoration
  • Ganesha Diwali Decoration
  • Artificial Diwali Decoration Design

Peacock Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas

Peacock design is a unique design which you can use for the floor decoration. Peacock bird is known for its beautiful feathers. Use blue, green and orange color to make a beautiful peacock. Forgiving a perfect elegant border to your design, use white color. You can use candles to give a clean border as well. Diwali is the celebration of light and color, make the decoration look colorful and lightening.

Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas










Floral Floor Decoration

On this upcoming Diwali festival, you can use colorful flowers in Rangoli as it is a traditional way of Rangoli making. Due to the lack of color powders, colorful flower petals are also used or favored selection of people of India in the creation of attractive and tempting Rangoli on the celebration and special occasions. On this upcoming Diwali 2016, you can reconstruct the miraculous attractiveness of Floral Rangoli. All you require is to choose the finest design for creating a beautiful, multicolored and flowering Rangoli on this Diwali.

Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas





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Ganesha Diwali Decoration

Lord Ganesha, the name for one of the most respected gods of Hindu belief. On Diwali, Ganesh Puja has also of grand meaning as according to the believers; it conveys lord’s consent, good luck, pleasure and the wealth in the home. However, that’s why Ganesha Rangoli designs are incredibly general Rangoli designs seen as Diwali beautification in houses, workplaces and everywhere on Diwali event. From the infinite quantity of Ganesh Rangoli designs, here is the best one just for you.

Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas





Artificial Diwali Decoration Design

Searching for the best decoration designs for upcoming Diwali festival? Well, For the Rangoli lovers, if you don’t know how to make perfect rangoli with colors here are some ideas of Artificial Rangoli for you. It is the ideal obsession for the ones not so creative in the art of making Rangoli but is enthusiastic to redecorate their homes on Diwali with greatest Rangoli designs. These are chiefly sticky label Rangoli that are also available in special kinds of materials like paper, glass, kundan, plastic and many more.

Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas





Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas


Diwali is the celebration, which is celebrated to fight against the evil. Well, it is celebrated with full of joy and happiness. People decorate their houses and light up the candles. If you are searching for best dewali decoration ideas then here are the Diwali Floor Decoration Ideas for upcoming Diwali celebration.

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