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Do All Sorts of Fun with Paper Quilling and Quilling Art Trees?

For Starters, quilling is a form of art in which you utilize paper strips to produce something phenomenal out of it. In this creative activity, these strips are first rolled, engineered into a certain shape and then, glued together to finalize this beautiful artifact. This seems quite a simple and easy drill, but it’s not as consists of intricate and detailed steps that form such unique designs. This paper quilling is used in various ways to add more glamour and detail to the greeting cards, Photographs and other items.

If you know quilling, then you can utilize this skill of yours to add more beauty and meaning to the gifts. Quilling is also referred to as the paper filigree which means to decorate a certain item through paper strips. There are humongous amount of options and ideas out there to make use of these paper strips. The origin of this art work is old as it traces back to the Renaissance. During that period, the nuns used to make these paper quilling to decorate the religious books and other scriptures.

How to efficiently cut Paper Strips?

Making paper strips are the fundamental and very basic step to make a perfect quilling art trees or something. This step is very integral to the whole activity. There are machines and cutters that can efficiently do the trick for you as you want these strips to be equally cut. If you do it by yourself, then there is a very good chance of cutting them unequally that will affect your finishing. In the market, you can easily find the quilling paper strip machine to facilitate your cause. A paper shredder is another perfect substitute for such machines. Some artists recommend to use the Pasta maker as well.

How to make Quilling Art Trees?

First of all, you will require the Quilling Paper to make the paper strips so that you can instigate your whole activity. Along with that you will need the appropriate needle tool. A Fevicol glue is preferred to have with you. Other items that are also required includes the Mini Mold, Border Buddy and Quilling Utensil or work board. Following is the procedure that you have to follow:

  • Take the paper strip and roll it on the center of the Border Buddy. Glue the end of the strip to make it fixed. Now take out that strip to make a squared shape object.
  • Take another strip and roll it on the needle to make a spiral and then put it in between that square shaped strip.
  • Make at least Six Such Squared Strips along with the spirals in them. They should vary in size but same in color that is brown.
  • Now, take another green strip and make a spiral and narrow them down by pushing them to look like a shape of a leaf.
  • The next step is to compose the stem of the tree by combining all those brown squared shape strips.
  • Now set green strip leaves onto the stem to make a perfect palm tree.

Amazing Example of Paper Quilling Art Trees

Quilling Art Trees

Quilling Art Trees 02

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