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75 Easy Face Painting Ideas – Face Painting Makeup

Easy Face Painting Ideas is our today’s topic rights. Have you ever been invited in a party? A birthday party perhaps with loads of balloons and decorations all over the place? What do you see there? There are many costumed cartoons and a stall is always there where expert artists paint faces of children. Now, just imagine that you want to get an idea how certain face painting ideas are generated. Always remember there are people with natural creativity. When that is harmonized perfectly with the mind, it flows more juices. Therefore, artists are just amazing.

Here in this article, we have accumulated few easy face painting ideas. They are easy, manageable and fun to do. Let’s dive in the pool of innovative designs to bring out the actual fun in the party.

Points to Remember

There are some points which should be kept in mind in order to cover the cons; before and after a painting a face:

  1. Oily face:

Oil based paints are hard to work on. Always use water based paints to work on skin smoothly. Make sure that the skin of the face is not oily. Before painting, for the best results, you should never go for oily skin. Instead, wash the face and dry it in order to get flawless outcome.

  1. How to start?

Use a soft brush not with hard or stiff bristles. Makeup sponge is where you need to dab it once before starting the activity.

  1. Finished look:

Sparkle the finished result. It can be done with glitter or anything better.

Easy Face Painting Ideas

Kids love characters which are in trend. Mickey mouse and Donald duck is a gone by story. What they like is Elsa, Hulk and Mermaid.

How to paint Mermaid?

Ariel, the mermaid is a very popular character of an animated movie “The mermaid”. Since, Ariel was blue so the eyes need to be blue too. Take blue color on a sponge. Color the face with blue, covering the eyes. Forehead has to be blue too. Then, with the help of a brush, use white color to paint a shell. That shell needs to be in the middle of forehead. You can use a black paint for outlining. The last point is to draw an eye of black color right on the eyelids. And there should be two lines of same black color, at the edge of both the eyes.

How to paint a clown?

One of the best and ever green face painting ideas is a clown. For a clown, nothing difficult needs were done. You have to draw a triangle with black paint, above and below each eye. Then draw circles with red paint on the cheeks.

Tadaa!! Easy and so fun loving character is ready on the face. Here are some amazingly easy face painting ideas.

Easy Face Painting Ideas


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