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Facebook weak against Bots

Facebook is the toppers of social media segment. You can check the facts by al the measures including user base, Time users spend on it and many more. Why people are so much into Facebook? That is the question for a different debate. But have you ever imagine about your privacy and security while surfing through Facebook? If you have and find it satisfactory, here we have certain points and news that will shock you.

Facebook weak against Bots


The fellow researcher at University of British Columbia has conducted an experiment at Vancouver. They have created some bots with predefined script of program. This bots are kind of gorilla infiltrators. They bypass the checks present in the program to be targeted. Now the twist in the story is that the bots created by Research fellows has been able to collect the personal information of so many users. The aim of the conducted study was to aware the people who are using social networks regarding their privacy and security.

Results are eye opener for Facebook:


The shocking part of the story is, by using the bots researchers were able to collect data of around 250 GB. There were 3,000 profiles which affected by this ethical attack. System at Facebook has only noted 1/5th of total affected user profiles. This shows that there are certain problems in well known social sites defense system.

It seems that if ethical hackers have done that so easily, what would happen if the attack proceed by hackers with some malicious intense? In a surprising node the report submitted by researchers has also noted that bots have aggravated their effects by using friend request. If a user accepts friend request who has already been affected by bots, the friend will also be vulnerable again the same! On an average each bot has got viral effect for 20 accounts and some of them were even able to get access to 80-90 profiles.

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Information generated by researchers includes photograph, username, status updates, time line activities, birthdates and many of the personal information.

Expectations from Facebook:


We expect that Facebook will take this research with utmost sincerity. The folks and maintenance engineers must not overlook this study. They have to strengthen their defense mechanism and fill the present voids as soon as possible. There were whispers already running among the analysts since quite a few days that Facebook has been compromising with the ideal RWD and security. Unfortunately the later is proven right by the mentioned research.

Users should take care of…


Users on social media must use the privacy options provided by developers. They should not use or transfer important personal details with any unsecured or public connection. They must take care of their password (which must be composed of capital, small and numeric characters). We hope for the best by believing the saying “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.”

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