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Five tricks to create a memorable website

How to build a website?

When designing a website you need it to create a strong impression on visitors so that they will appreciate, love and always remember it. It goes without saying that this is the main goal of every web designer, however succeeding in this task could prove to be quite challenging. One cannot say that there are some exact steps or a strict recipe that needs to be followed, in order to find success when creating a website, but however there are some secrets that at least could show you the right path. The main task of this article is to offer a few tips and tricks on how to achieve this goal, and therefore it definitely concerns everybody.

So, you have set the goal of creating a memorable website. Because this step is accomplished you are now closer to success. However, there are some strategies and analysis you should undertake, in order to make sure everything will go according to the plan.

Bring some entertainment!


Everybody knows that people love fun. Even when looking for some stuff for work they are happy to find some entertainment, because this will help them relax. I know that some of you immediately associate this feeling with ridiculous matters. But this shouldn’t be the case, because adding some fun to your website does not necessarily imply mimicking around or inserting irrelevant features.

In my opinion, bringing some entertainment to your webpage means improving the ordinary matters, such as the “about us” section, with interesting graphic elements or fabulous texts. Also, your fun features could help at creating this memorable touch if you will remember to assign them an important role that will help people better utilize your website. For instance, your page could be filled with funny characters that would take the visitors to other products and services that the website provides. Therefore, people will appreciate much more such a page in which the discovery and unraveling of mysteries could be made through such unique items.

Create captivating texts!


Introducing interesting lines and texts is another way of creating a memorable website. As a result, web designers should focus on this matter otherwise their hard work will be ruined. What they should keep in mind is that research is mandatory in order to make sure that their customers will get accurate information. Once the visitors will see that they benefit from the best pieces of advice and news, they will trust the page and will always remember it.

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Also, catch phrases still work, because they will stick into people’s heads and as a result they will know how to find you again. Not to mention that for a more effective result you may also rely on entertainment and fun. Just remember to insert a relevant joke here and there and to present everything in a light hearted manner and you will definitely succeed in obtaining a memorable project.

Rely on story telling!


Web designers who want the message of their website to get to their users could achieve this task through storytelling. In fact, there are various websites on the Internet who already make use of this interesting technique. They make sure that they know clearly which is the purpose of their website and then they use images and texts, in order to transform everything in a fantasy land. The advantages of using this method are the following ones: people will better understand what the website deals with, they will get to the points that interest them easier and last but not least they will always remember the website, thanks to its interesting manner of presenting the purpose.

Therefore, web designers and developers should rely on storytelling when displaying the most important message of their website, because as you can see this will bring them advantages, on the long term. It is important for them to keep in mind that this will not only make people appreciate the website but at the same time this will help them create a fantastic project.

Let emotions prevail!


Are you ready to let emotions prevail? Because this is what you should do, in order to obtain that memorable touch. Yes, the website should be usable and at the same time it shouldn’t contain unnecessary elements. But, the thing is that one could create something both memorable and utile without introducing irrelevant details.

In other words, web designers should remember to take emotions in consideration as well, because after all they are creating something that humans will use. This means that their websites should include trust, flavors and should delight and surprise the visitors.

Find more about the importance!


It is needless to say that having a memorable website will increase the profits of your business. But, nevertheless it is important for the creators to always remember this when starting a new project. This way, they will focus on the audience and they will definitely provide them the best experience ever.

At the same time, you should know that creating such a website will definitely require lot of hard work and commitment from your part. Why? Well, this is not something incredibly easy to come up with and as a result the designer should be serious and willing to sacrifice time, just to offer his or her clients a professional webpage. However, this shouldn’t be perceived as something impossible to realize. As you can see, there are numerous techniques and strategies that people have at their disposal. So, get attached to your creation and make it the most memorable one.


This article has made it clear from the beginning that there are no strict methods one should use in order to come up with a memorable page. Therefore, what the web designer should understand is that he or she should really become aware of their visitors’ expectations, in order to be able to provide them what they need. So, trust your instinct, use your talent and the strategies I have just mentioned and you will definitely walk on the right path.

This article is exclusively written for by Christopher Jackson. He is a graphic designer at UK-based Company Logos DesignCrowd.

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