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Flora Borsi Combines Human and Animal Into a Single Self-Portrait

Flora Borsi

Flora Borsi is an Hungarian artist with a focus in fine art photography and photo manipulation. She makes use of extremely good picture manipulation to create surreal images which are thematically fascinated by identification, relationships, emotions and desires. Her immaculate process and subtle conceptual suggestions create beautiful evocations of common emotions, from lust and want to despair and loss.

In a series entitled, ‘Animeyed‘, Borsi takes a series of self-portraits where an animal’s eye is used in place of her right eye. These self-portraits of Borsi consit of six separate creatures: a cat, dove, blowfish, goldfish, snake and hare. These effects forms amazing entities that play with the perception of the viewer and cleverly display the physical similarities between the human and animal features.

About Flora Borsi

Flora at once captures the complex strength and fragility of the human psyche. She expertly visualises dark fantasies and atmospheric dreams, utilising the uncanny and clever metaphor, while unlocking what it means to think, feel, dream and express in the urban world. Her work often features the female body and she plays with hiding and revealing the eyes or face to leave only the feminine form, exploring questions of female representation and the relationship between body and self.

Flora has exhibited internationally with solo exhibitions in Europe and the USA, and has most notably taken part in the “Continental Shift” group exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. She has also exhibited at the Louvre, France. Her ethereal aesthetic has won multiple art prizes and garnered critical acclaim from press including The Guardian’s Observer and BBC Culture. Her artwork was the face of Adobe Photoshop in 2014.

Here are some of her Amazing Animeyed Collection of Human + Animal Self Single Portrait

Human + Animal Into a Single Self-Portrait

flora borsi animeyed-self-portraits-designsmag-01

flora borsi animeyed-self-portraits-designsmag-02

flora borsi animeyed-self-portraits-designsmag-03

flora borsi animeyed-self-portraits-designsmag-04

flora borsi animeyed-self-portraits-designsmag-05

flora borsi animeyed-self-portraits-designsmag-06

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