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Hello, guys! Today, we have an awesome free vector pack, courtesy of our friends at DesignShock and especially for designsmag visitors. They have created a huge bundle of infographics that you can open and modify with Adobe Illustrator. The idea is that you open the file and rearrange all the elements at your disposal through the well-divided layers, all coming in vector shapes so resizing is not an issue.

Vector Pack For free

However, not everything is just visualizing information. This package also contains other elements such as icons, templates and a neat little extra: Vector characters. If you want to spice up the design and give it a bit of a friendly look, you can create brand entirely different designs of people by using the aforementioned layers; with them, you can give a single character new hair, clothes, position and gesture. It’s a nice little builder that makes the download worth it on its own.

Free Vector Characters

We mentioned the templates a little earlier, these will allow you to display your data in organized and attractive ways right after you’re done setting up your info on the infographics themselves. You can even add some of the icons and vector characters included with the package and create presentations full of color and life, making the process of showing and explaining the data you’ve collected and bit less tedious, adding dynamic to the whole process.

Free Illustration

As you would expect, of course, more classic elements are included into this package: Pie charts, maps, bar charts and others will help you get straight to the point, focusing on dividing data and showing it in ways that make it simple for any viewer, despite the complexity they might hold when reviewed on simple paper. The flexibility offered by the AI file makes it extremely easy to give the graphics the style you need in your presentation, letting you modify not only colors, but the shape drawings themselves.

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