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Getting Deeper into the Color Blue

Color Blue is everywhere. In nature it can be seen in hundreds of shades: from indigo to ultramarine, from cyan to azure, from sky blue to navy blue, from iris to regular medium blue. The daytime sky that we see every day is blue. Seas and rivers and lakes, these sources of life-bringing water, are blue. Blueberries, forget-me-nots, cornflowers and blue whales are just a few examples of the diversity of the blue-fronted nature. Finally, our planet is blue if you look at it from space. So it should come as no surprise that the color blue is extremely popular with most people regardless of their age, gender and nationality.

blue in web design

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Also, blue might be viewed as an archetype: from the ancient times people have known how to paint something blue (for example, well-known Egyptian blue color is called after the blue pigment firstly produced by the ancient Egyptians in about 2500 BC). Even changing its meaning and sense from ages to ages, from civilization to civilization, blue has always been saturated with sacral meanings, psychological and artistic associations. Finally, the color is one of three additive primary colors (along with red and green).

When it comes to web design, we can easily notice that blue is one of the most often used colors. You can see it on all kinds of sites, especially those that have to do with airlines, technology, cleaning and finance. That’s because blue is the color of the sky, additionally it represents intelligence, trust, confidence and loyalty.

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