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Guidelines for Landscape Designing – Homeowner Should Know

More and more homeowners are incorporating the concept of landscape designing. It is a combination of nature and culture, and a bridge between landscape designing architecture and garden design.

The aesthetics of every garden is just as vibrant as the plants that thrive in it, and this makes managing it a rather engaging affair. This is why landscape design has an important role to play in the success of any garden. The following are tips for the different aspects of landscape design that you may use to improve your simple yard.

1.       Plan it out.

The first thing you need to do is to make a list of the possible things that you want to do out of your space. You may want to grow vegetables, your family may want a patio to gather around, or your children may need space to play in.

Try making a sketch of your yard by marking out where you would like to place things. Play around with your ideas on a piece of paper, as this is a great way to come up with the best design.

2.       Take one step at a time.

Landscape designing is going to take time. It is important that you are patient; take one step at a time especially if you do not have enough manpower. Slowly develop the plan in an enjoyable manner. Start from the small tasks such as fixing the flowerbeds, and give yourself time to see how things will turn out.

3.       Consider the direction of the wind and position of the sun.

While you may be more concerned with the aesthetics of your garden, you should not also overlook the importance of positioning it according to the direction of the wind and the position of the sun at different times of the year, as these determine how comfortable you are going to be when you finish your project.

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For instance, placing the patio on the west side of your house may leave you getting more of the afternoon sun.This may mean that having dinner in the summer will not be as relaxing.Or if you are up to growing bonsais, a strong gust of wind can knock them over in just a matter of seconds, their pots can be shattered, and they can be uprooted, leaving all your efforts in vain.

4.       Have a focal point.

To have a good garden design, you need to have a focal point or even a series of focal points in your yard.  A focal point may be in the form of a sculptureor a series of shrubs, trees, or flowering plants. The aim of doing this is to attract your eyes and help them move it through the landscape.

5.       Be open to change.

You should be open to change, should your design come out unsuccessful.Patience is an important virtue for any new landscape designer, for it takes more courage and time to come up with a working solution.

Be honest about your preferences and what you may not be in favor with. Sometimes, what you liked a few years ago may no longer be very attractive at the present. This will require that you adopt new ideas of changing the structure of your yard to make it look and suit your preferences best.

Landscape designing is important in making your abode more inviting. Follow these tips, and you will be assured that your yard will eventually come out attractive.


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