What is Heartbleed and What Security Scanner to Run for It?

This bus is a programming bug in the Open-SSL versions; this is a code which protects the privacy of banking details, sensitive data and passwords. The websites secured, have always been identified by Lock icon on the browser. Due to the presence of this bug, details of the customers are unsafe. Heart-bleed is not a virus but could be used by cybercriminals. This virus helps in exposing the system memory by permitting anyone on the internet. It provides keys to decode the system. These keys facilitate the hackers for documents, messages, username,  password and private communications. This bug has been names officially as CVE-2014-0160 and was discovered by Codenomicon and Neel Mehta.

The destructive measures have been taken by vanguards to protect the personal records of the customers. After proper research on the security system and procedures, we confirm our customers that their accounts are protected.


What to do?

The important thing you have to protect yourself on-line is get unique and strong user-names and passwords for all websites. Customers can change passwords periodically- particularly investment and banking sites. According to new research, heart-bleed bug allows attackers stealing data using vulnerable version of popular security programs. We don’t know how this is being used because this attachment is difficult to log and track.

What can I do as customer?

These experts are urged customer for creating 2 new passwords that uses TLS/SSL encryption. Fortunately, many top brands have said that they don’t use open-SSL therefore their clients are not on risk. It includes Citgroup, Bank of America, Amazon, target, eBay and TD Bank.


Bug’s Advantages that are accessed by cyber-criminals

Passwords, User names, instant messages, business documents, emails and business communications are all accessible in tests by the researchers. It allows attackers to snoop on combinations, steal data from users/services and to impersonate them.

Affected internet services?

The version with the bug is used by:

  • Mobile applications
  • More than 2/3 rd of active sites on the internet.
  • Chat and Email servers.
  • Virtual/private networks are used to access business resources from outside the office.
  • Hardware devices like routers.

Can we fix the bug?

Yes, but not by you.


How to protect yourself:

Till now, you have heard that this bug is OpenSSL encryption software used by 66% of all sites worldwide as per Netcraft’s Web Survey. However this error is reported for 2 years, hacker can take advantage without tracking on sites. It means the stored information on websites may have been compromised.

1. Mashable, a site that distributes information, news and resources; has also provided main websites that are affected by Heartbleed, and if you want to change password; you need to Click on CNET has a list at

2. LastPass, a pass-word site has created a page where users may check any particular sites. Click on

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