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How it affects website’s loading speed – A complete guide to CSS

How it affects website’s loading speed – this is a complete guide to CSS. Cascading Style Sheets is the abbreviation of CSS, which are used by the web developers, in order to describe the format, feel and look of the web pages. It was first developed and introduced in 1997.  It has crossed two levels such as CSS level 1, 2, 2.1, 3 and now, present version is CSS4.

CSS will enhance the style of the web pages easily. Until 2000, users of internet are not in larger amount and thus style and design of the web pages are not concentrated that much. But now, design of the webpage became an essential need and thus CSS is used by the web developers highly. CSS3 is an advanced version of CSS and thus CSS3 is enriched with sophisticated features to provide the quality rich and stylish website. Can u able to believe that CSS3 helps in improving the loading speed of the website? Even if you not believe, it is true and you can know it by reading the following passages.

What is the need of a smoother website for your business?

Nowadays, people love to have pleasure in online shopping than offline shopping. Thus, every business people started to create website, in order to make available the online shopping. Due to heavy competition, it became essential to provide attractive websites, effortless accessing of web pages and easy shopping facilities, in order to attract the customers. Also, web content should be simple and easy to understand. Then only customer can able to understand what type of business you are carrying on and what for you have presented the website on online. Customers should be provided simple options to enjoy the online shopping, as they will not like to wait for long time. If website or web page takes more time to load, customers will get irritated and they will start to prefer some other website. Thus, you will be subjected to loss and at the same time customers will get bad impression on your site.  So, you should enhance the loading speed and design of your website, in order to attract the customers towards it. If customers get good impression on your site, then traffic for your site increases and thus you can dig up large sum of money.


Cascading style sheet version 3 is completely backward compatible and it is easy to modify the look of the web pages using CSS3. While designing website, one should concentrate on borders, color of the webpage, font, images included, animations, color of text, animation, and so forth. Thus, CSS is generally divided into number of pieces and every part of the web page is concentrated separately. In case of CSS3 it is divided into number of molecules. CSS3 will suits to different browsers accordingly, as its function will vary from one browser to another. CSS3 modules are CSS3 selectors, box model, Backgrounds, borders, Text Effects, Fonts, 2D transforms, 3D Transforms, Transitions, Animations, User Interface, and so on. Style sheet language is used in the CSS3. Using CSS3, you can change the color of font, text, image without touching on their coding apart. Wow! It is amazing and incredible. But, it is true. Similarly you can change the text effect, font and lay out of the content using the third version of cascade style sheet. This CSS3 is a pleasant gift for all sorts of the business people and web developers as it is saving their time and effort. Now, CSS3 is used in large amount, in order to alter the website, especially to increase the loading speed. Many website are modified using the syntax and features of CSS3. The altered website is enriched with traffic as the modified design, style, font attracted the customers and at the same time high loading speed made the users to feel comfortable with those sites.

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Reasons for time delay in loading website

You will be surprised by knowing the reasons for why web pages and website taking huge time to load. First reason is traffic of the website. It is the good thing and not a bad one. Traffic in the sense if many people open your site at the same time then loading capacity of your site gets automatically reduced. A good example for this is exam result announcement sites. Nowadays, every people would like to enrich their sites with graphical pictures and text. If you load heavy images then obviously loading speed of your website will be low. Then try to make available the contents in short and sweet manner. If you provide information in long manner, users will feel it as vague and will not get interest to study the content. Also, it occupies large memory space, which slows down the loading speed. If caching is not used, unwanted memory will be stored and results in slowing down the web page. Apart from all the above reasons, server problem also leads to slow down the loading of your site. In that case, you can’t able to do anything and of course it is not your fault. In order to overcome the above problems CSS3 will be very helpful.

How can we utilize the CSS3 ease?

CSS3 is exploiting for the several special aspects such as reliability, bandwidth reduction, search engines index page, browser compatibility, and different viewing options and so on. Through the CSS3 templates you can amplify your website speed.

Step 1:  You can acquire a CSS3 template from any leading HTML text editor or position a third-party template on the web which approves the supply of the work.

Step 2:  You should open an old HTML file or create an HTML file in your text editor.

Step 3:  Keep a name for your CSS file and save it in the “css” extension and the next work is upload it to the web server of you. You should keep the document in the similar folder that contains your further web files. You should utilize and FTP application to upload the file or track your web host’s guidelines for CSS3 process.

Step 4: Place the “<head></head>” tags in your HTML document and position a link to the CSS document in the middle of these two components. This process dispenses document formatting rules to you.

Step 5:  You can enrich your CSS file according to your desire through simply open the CSS file and customize the style rule modifications like font style or color of the background. Generate the particular rule and modify the value originate following the colon. For instance, suppose the font color is presently set to green and you want it to be yellow change “{color: green}” to “{color: yellow}”.

Suppose, you are not view the CSS style rules effectiveness in your Web page, you should check the CSS and HTML files are saved and they have perfectly linked the CSS file.

How CSS3 helps to overcome delay in website loading:

Plenty of coding will be used to design the website. If you modify the appearance of website, you have to modify the codes. It takes long time and it is not the easy process. In that case CSS lends hand, as it will help you to do alterations in the website without changing any coding. This is the specialty of CSS3. Simple syntax has an ability to perform all changes in the website.

  • Suppose, if you made available the large size images, which is reason for the slow loading of site, just remember the uses of CSS3 drop shadow option. This feature will assist you to reduce the size of image in website without subjecting it to Photoshop or some other software. This feature will trim down the size of images, as per your expectation and the reduced effect will not be visible to the naked eyes. You can trim down the size of image either vertically or horizontally based on how you desire to obtain the image. Not only this, you can achieve the color changes, font changes too using CSS3 without changing the coding.
  • As it is known that heavy content will leads to slow down the loading speed of the website, content need to be reduced. Deleting the posted content is vague process. Instead you can trim down the words, by deleting the unwanted sentences and words by using the CSS3. Multi-column Layout technique of CSS3 can be used to reduce the empty space of content by making available the content in the multi column format. Thus vertical white space can be used usefully and at the same time can able to obtain horizontal white place to post some other contents. Also, if you would like to make available the button, after releasing your website, make use of CSS3 syntax.

Once size of the image gets reduced and size on content gets reduced, loading capacity of site and webpage will be increased quietly. You can check the loading speed of the webpage before and after using the CSS3. You can find the gradual improvement and you will surely love this change. In CSS3, you need not write any vast coding to achieve it and thus CSS3 is recommended to modify anything in the website.

It is well known that behind your website huge lines of coding are available. Instead of using CSS3, if you again use the coding to extend or reduce the image or content then it will leads to confusion and coding will again occupy the unwanted space, which reduces the loading speed.

Before making use of CSS3, you should keep one thing in mind. That is effect of CSS3 will vary from one browser to another. According to the survey and present internet explorer will provide better response for the CSS3 syntaxes. After that Mozilla, Google chrome and opera will also response well.

Prevention is better than cure

If any material has been created once, recreating it will leave some prints on it and make them look ugly. So, before releasing the website you should verify the positive and negative aspects of website. If you come across any negative aspects, clear it before releasing the site. Thus, you need not spend money unnecessarily on redesigning and altering the site. If you search on online, you can come across the negative aspects faced by the website, which you can make note carefully. Once your website has been designed check whether your site is also suffering from such negative aspects. If yes, ask the web developers to correct them and if there are no negative aspects, your website will be the perfect site. However, CSS3 is there to attain all sorts of changes in website. So, don’t worry about improving look and traffic of your site and no need to concern about the loading speed.

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