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How SEO Can Affect It to a Great Extent

SERP meaning Search Engine Results Page is a web page which is accessed when you write something in the text box of a search engine and press enter or click on the search button. It shows related results against the characters that you have entered. Typically this page shows you direct links of different websites’ different web pages where most possibly you can get your desired result. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization which means optimization of a website to include it in the search engine search results.

Some Interesting Facts about SEO


SEO is done in two ways. One is Offline SEO, another is Online SEO. To include your website to SERP you need to work on both these ways. It is not a one time job either. You need to keep on working on both these fields always as SERPs don’t show web pages which are idle for many days.

SEO doesn’t encourage purchasing a rank in SERPs. Though you may purchase it and this process comes under SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEO doesn’t guaranty rank one in the SERPs. But without using SEO you might not get any rank at all.

Some Interesting Facts about SERP


SERP is not a result of searching for the whole web. Search engines either use crawlers (robots) or human-powered or a mixture of both of them. Crawlers visit and check every optimized web page URL, title and body and perform an index of all those web pages. Human-powered engines create indices from submitting information only. Normally these indices are stored in huge databases but the search engines have this ability to show the SERP in few seconds. If you put a unique keyword that is not present in these databases then it will show you zero result in the SERP.

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How SERP is Important in SEO


The most prime thing that affects the SERP is SEO. Just making a website doesn’t mean that it will come on the first page of the SERP or even may not come at all.  For example: suppose you make a website by the name of your hotel which is famous for Italian foods. But if you have not optimized that website for the search engines then there is very less chance that the search engines will show your website when you search for a famous Italian hotel. So you need to highlight the main keywords of your website by the use of SEO so that when any user searches for those keywords your website will make a good rank in the SERPs.

Easy Ways to be in SERP


Most of the search engines provide an opportunity to the users to include their website in their database. Also you can include links of your web pages to other websites. Make sure your web pages have clear URLs which are easily understandable.

You should use SEO regularly for your website esp. if your website is for marketing purpose. Regularly check whether your website is coming in the top list in SERP or not otherwise your rivals may overtake you. In case it is not ranked or lost the rank then take help of an SEO expert.

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