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How To Create a Glowing Layered Text Effects

In this tutorial, you will see how to create text glowing Layered Text Effects using basic Photoshop tools. This tutorial is simple enough for a beginner to understand, which will require a heavy use of your computer’s memory. so here you go with the tutorial which will create very fancy glowing text effects.

How To Create a Glowing Layered Text Effects

Step 1: Open a horizontal document. The size is up to you. Just make sure it is big enough for you to work on. You can, if you want, settle for horizontal size of a short bond paper. Make the background transparent.

Step 2: Create a new layer and put a gradient of gray to black. Don’t make the gray too light. Just enough to create a dramatic effect on the paper.

Step 3: Create a new layer and make another linear gradient. Choose the colors of the rainbow. You don’t have to create one. There are existing presets of colors. Just choose one. You make, of course, create one if you wish.

Step 4: Set the opacity to 25 percent. You can also experiment but don’t go over 30%.

Step 5: Click Layer’s blending mode. Click COLOR.

Step 6: Create another layer. Put a RADIAL GRADIENT. Choose the one that starts with black and disappears to nothing. It has to gradient from 100 percent to zero. You do this by going to the GRADIENT EDITOR and inputting 100 percent.

Just a note, the black shouldn’t cover the center of the image.

Step 7: Set the opacity to no more than 70%.

Step 8: Create another layer and type a letter. Any letter will do. Make the color of the letter Black.



I recommend the following settings:

• Opacity 20%

• Under Elements- Size should be 70px

• Under Quality – Range should be 50%

For Stroke:

• Size should be 2px

• Position should be Outside

• Blend Mode should be Color Dodge

• Opacity should be 50%

• Color should be white

Step 11: Duplicate the Layer.

Step 12: Still on the duplicate layer, change the font or size of the font. This will create the layer effect. Just make sure that the base of the letter aligns. That means that all the letters should look like it is on a flat surface.

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Step 13: Do Step 11 and Step 12 20 times or more. As many layers as you want to have. You may use different fonts or different sizes of fonts. If you are going to use different fonts, make sure they aren’t radically different. Try to use different fonts from the same family.

Step 14: Choose all the layers with letter and group them by clicking the chain symbol or clicking CMD+G (if you’re using a mac).

Step 15: Click V so you can move it. Hold ALT, click the letter and drag it to the canvas , put them where you want the next letter to appear. Now you should have two letters.

Step 16: Still on the new letter layers, make all the layers of the letter invisible. Leave only one visible layer.

Step 17: Change the letter to whatever letter you want to appear. Then make it invisible. Make the next layer of that letter visible and change it… and so on.

Step 18: Repeat the process for all the letters you want to put.

Step 19: You may create a shadow by clicking all the layers of the letters. Duplicate them and flip it vertically. Drag it to the bottom of the letter and make the opacity about 20 %.

Step 20: You may also create a glowing surface by using the ELLIPTICAL MARQUEE TOOL, using QUICKMASK MODE and applying MOTION BLUR. Check the settings I used below.

You should have something like this:

This will look good on glossy paper with the best quality print out. If you do not have the right equipment, I suggest you go to a printing shop with high quality printers.

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