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How to make an Electronic Flip Book

6 interesting options to create interactive books 

There are web tools for almost everything. The best are those that automate processes that previously required complex programming or design knowledge. Those that I present Flip Book Creator today are few interesting options to create interactive books.

The interactive books have led to a new level learning through playful, through priceless artwork relieving, at least in part, physical texts. Similarly, the wide appeal of tablets and other handheld media are showing that much of the future of content will be consumed on mobile connections, and to stay in business will need to adapt texts. Well, for both cases are here:


Moglue is a company with two flagship products: MoglueBooks, to search, download and share interactive books (free or paid) even through mobile devices, and MoglueBuilder, the platform that will enable creation. Bring applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android soon also.

Baker Ebook Framework

A Framework, based on open standards, to develop interactive books in HTML5 compatible iOS devices (especially the iPad). Already wwwhatsnew discussed an example of how it was used to create the book “Colors forgotten” and potential. They required some knowledge of CSS, HTML and JavaScript to sign.

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To create not only books but also all kinds of educational and other animated content as a Windows application, operating system for which it was designed. The touch of image editing tools and options in sidebars, allows quickly familiarize yourself with its operation.


An interesting alternative for those who do not care about the visuals but still want to create something witty, something that requires further user’s mind. With Playfic can create a game using any text-for example, the Sherlock Holmes could find, asking the user to follow the guidelines established with his thinking to go forward.


An online application that creates interactive books from PDF files uploaded or created from scratch in the platform. Now, the interesting thing is that you use sounds, images, videos (locally or from YouTube), files, links, documents flash, default themed templates and more. In short, perfect for things like virtual magazines. On his website you can distribute and market the results.

iBooks Author

As many times what Apple has achieved with iBooks Author revolutionary or at least gives the talk-the market for interactive digital book with a complete application for Mac OS X and iOS devices. Space is too short to highlight its possibilities (what they did on their official website) but is generally the amount of supported formats and intuitive layout. Importantly, the books created in. Ibooks can only be sold through the iBook Store so my recommendation is to read the license carefully to avoid surprises with restrictions and other legal issues.

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