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Icing on the Cake to a Perfectly Decorated Room

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to add interest and flair to Perfectly Decorated Room is by selecting imaginative and creative window treatments.  Window treatments must be both attractive and practical and the designer must keep in mind that window treatments are seen from two points of view, from indoors and outdoors.

Consider the need for light as opposed to the need for privacy in a room when deciding on a covering for that window. The architectural style of the home, the size of each window, the colors of walls and flooring, the desired mood for the room, all will have an impact on the treatment chosen for each window.   Is the window drafty?  Does the room need insulation from heat in the summer or from cold in the winter? Is there a great deal of noise from the environment that needs to be muffled?  Is there a beautiful view from a particular window?  Is there no view at all from a window?  Is there one window in a room that is more dramatic in style and can be made to stand out from all the others?


There are also practical matters to consider. How much time do you have for your decorating project? What is your budget for decorating your home?  What are your talents with a sewing machine?  Are you limited to items found in catalogues and stores?  How will the window treatments be cleaned and maintained?  How well will the window treatments fit in with the life style of all who live in the home and use each of the rooms?


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Some windows are small and have a beautiful view and may be left bare or with a simple short valance at the top in a room that is well suited to receive lots of sunlight.  A sheer panel or lace panel will also admit much light into a room and can be used with a roller shade or venetian blinds when privacy is needed.  Drapes with tie backs may also be closed at night for privacy in a more formal room.  The colors of these window blinds and shades must match or blend in to the colors used in the room.  If you are talented at sewing, other decorative items such as small pillows or table coverings can be made from the same fabrics and used in the same room.


Hardware for curtain treatments can be purchased in many local stores. Velvet ropes and decorative poles can add richness to the window treatment.  For a person who does not sew, the use of fabric pieces on a swag pole is an imaginative and inexpensive way to decorate a window.  A piece of material can be knotted in various ways. Fabric pieces can be draped and tied with ribbons or velvet ropes and tassels. Various lengths of material may be used to create different effects. Depending on the fabric, pole and accessories, the effect can be casual or formal and fit almost any setting.


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