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Importance of Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the world as a day of Love. Popularity of this day has flooded the global markets with gifts and Valentines Day cards. Everyone wants to celebrate this in a different way on 14th February. Many people present their loved-ones different kind of flowers, chocolates, candy and many other gifts. There’s story of priest named ‘Valentine’ behind this day. There are many legends who demonstrated that this day has its roots in Italian society. According to one legend, this day is originated due to Christian priest St. Valentine.

Soldiers were required to fight on Emperor Claudius for him. He was thinking that married men are bad soldiers as they gave importance to their families because married people were not willing to leave their families. So He wiped out the concept of wedding.

Thus, Senior Christian Cleric/ Priest; valentine secretly invited lovers and conducted their wedding. When Emperor learnt about this then he had arrested valentine. However, in jail he fell-in -love with blind daughter of Jailer. Before sending a letter, a valentine has signed as ‘From Your Valentine’. Till then, this saying coined by Valentine endures ever popular and used generally and broadly on this day.

Till the mid of 19th century, the importance of this day was limited to lovers who courted and exchange love letters, valentine online ecards, Valentine’s Day cards, gifts and poems.

At the end of 19th century, importance of this day even suffered a change. People started sharing their love and affection among each other. This day always showed the beautiful relationship of human being. It’s celebrated in all different forms. It’s also for any special ones, including parents, siblings, friends and teachers. There’re some schools who organize occasions in schools to celebrate this day. This day is considered a symbol to show and express the emotions and feelings of love.

At the present time, the valentine day has become a trend and fashion for young generation. They develop plans to celebrate it in very romantic way. Shops sell cards, flowers, romantic gifts, valentine online ecards via internet and Valentine’s Day cards.

Jewelers try to appeal lovers by using vibrant displays and attractive schemes for eye catching jewelry. Lovers celebrate this day as common sight in restaurant and parks. This day is also organized by some clubs and hotels. Increasing commercialization of this event has resulted in liking of this celebration around the world.

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