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Incredible Collection of Hand Painting Art by Guido Daniele

Guido Daniele, an Italian artist who is behind this incredible collection of hand of Hand painting. He was Born in Soverato, Daniele graduated from Brera School of Arts in 1972, majoring in sculpture and then attended the Tankas school in Dharamsala, India until 1974.

In 1972 he started working as hyper-realistic illustrator, in co-operation with  major editing and advertising companies, using and testing different painting  techniques. In 1990 he added a new artistic experience to his previous ones: using the body painting technique he creates and paints models bodies for advertising pictures and commercials, fashion events and exhibitions.


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Bald Eagle 2 hands

Bald eagle on brown

Bald Eagle on green

Cat on orange


Clown Fish

Cobra on green


Dog Dalmatian

dog pointer on brown


Dove 2 hands white on black

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Elephant White on gold


European Eagle on white

Falcon 2 hands

Horse White on brown


Swan Coscoroba

Toucan on sky

Zebra on blu

AT&T Carribean Fish and Coral

AT&T Paraguay Iguana

AT&T China Dragon

AT&T England Stonehenge

AT&T Norway Viking Ship

AT&T Morocco Sand Dunes

AT&T Mexico Chillies

AT&T Japan Koi Fish

AT&T Italy Rialto Bridge

AT&T England Big Ben

AT&T England Queen Guards

AT&T Egypt

AT&T China Great Wall

AT&T Italy

AT&T Switzerland

AT&T Brazil

AT&T China Pandas

AT&T Holland

AT&T Mexico Maya

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