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Iphone 5 by Continental: for when regular iphone is just too cheap

Are you an Apple iphone fun who wants to stand out from the crowd? There is something unique for you! The iphone 5 by continental is very uniquely made of diamond and it goes for a very hefty pile of cash.

This is one of its kind iphone 5 that is done entirely in diamonds by the luxury company to suite those who want to stand out by having a unique and significant Smartphone that very few will be able to own as opposed to the normal Appleā€™s iphones that most people already have.

This special iphone 5 will be one of the most expensive Smartphones that is also a luxury phone to have around. It will be far much better than the regular iphones that almost one out of three people have almost everywhere and they are very common.

How expensive is this iphone 5 by Continental?

Apple iPhone 5

This iphone 5 from the continental Mobile will be selling at $56000 since it is made entirely on diamonds which is an expensive kind of material for the device. If you are looking forward to getting this Smartphone then you must be very ready to part with that amount of money that will give you the opportunity to stand out with such a unique device.

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This Device is not very expensive as compared to other most expensive kind of Smartphones that are known to be. For instance, the gold and diamond covered iphone 5 which costs $15.3 million is more expensive than this kind of iphone 5 that is made of diamond only and goes for only $56000.

The production of this special and unique iphone 5 by the Continental Mobile


This special iphone 5 will not be produced in mass by the Continental Mobile because of its price and uniqueness. The Continental Mobile will only produce 10 units only that will make this Smartphone to be very rare device to have around. This will also give those who will be lucky to have it a very significant prestige of having the unique device that is not common and is owned by the very few who can afford to stand out.

This special iphone 5 is actually part of the Adam and Aura collection which is a British-based company. It is made in a very unique style by the company for the chosen few who will afford it and be the first to get it.

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