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Learn the Subtle Art of Adopting Minimalistic Web Design

“Omit  needless words” is a renowned quote by Willam Strunk, JR. and this is the inspiration for another step of crafting a niche minimalistic web design.

In this all you need to ponder is about what is essential for your web design.  This in return helps you to craft things more proficiently when you are focusing on one particular thing. Obliterating the not required or unnecessary graphical elements straight away ameliorates the readability of your website.

Even tad bit details matter

As discussed earlier, we need to obliterate all the unnecessary elements from our design. Wherefore, every minutest of the detail matters and you  need to be very meticulous about what you are choosing to display and what you are discarding. Even details like white space, color choices, border, images all work in tandem to give the best overall look to your website.

You need to become a user in order to exactly know exactly what you should depict on your website. Empathizing with the users is definitely the best thing you can do to find out what to keep and what to chuck out to attain the best possible minimalistic web design. A minimal web design is a refreshing idea of presenting your views in a modern, sophisticated and clean way.

Reach a threshold limit

minimal design

This can also be counted as a dictum in designing an efficient minimalistic web design is to subtract elements till you think that now the design has now reached a point where it is unable to convey the motive. This is called the threshold of the minimalistic design and this is where you know that you have achieved it with precision.

In web designing, we know that there breaks which are relative. In order to know whether you have applied it proficiently without any break is to check the technical functionality. In the rush to get a good minimalistic web design do not ruin the usability which is another most indispensable part of a good website.  At the end of the day you need to make your website user friendly and must deliver a sublime experience to your users via minimalistic web design and incredible functionalities.

Do not use Traumatic Typography

“It’s only words, and words are all I have To take your heart away”

You can definitely take your users’ heart away from using typography in a very artistic manner. Your job, of communicating the message is half done if you are able to convey your message using the best typography fonts in the best possible way. In order to make your minimalistic web design more effective you need to use your typography skills very efficiently. You need to effectively and precise use the fonts, colors , sizes and content in such a fashion that they tend to deliver an indelible imprint on the user’s mind. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that variation of all the text matters helps in conveying the message eloquently to the users.

So, make sure that the words on your website are written so that they can take your users’ heart away rather than ending  up in chaos.


Change is unavoidable, but do remember to embrace the change, which helps your to move further.  Do not just adopt minimal web design for the heck of it. Consider your design goals and then only go ahead to adopt a design trend.

There is no such rule that you need to adopt the best possible design trend which can be an extraction of various design trends such as a mix blend flat  design and minimalism. Flat design emerged as a reaction to skeuomorphism, wherein the minimalistic design was an answer to maximalism. Though, both are such great trends in their respective field, but you need to adept hands to utilize them to the fullest. Make sure that you don’t end up giving scanty information in wake of achieving minimalism.

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Naaz is a web designer and loves to find new tips and tricks for creativity purposes and likes to share them with the people.

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