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Ecommerce Market With The Magento Extension

Small businesses are having an easier time in the ecommerce market place with the Magento platform. This software comes from an eBay company called Magento Inc. and has been in the marketplace since 2008. As of this year, the software has crossed the 4 million download mark. Just one proof of its popularity in the market place! The Magento software makes it possible for a small business or owners of larger businesses to add on whatever feature and functionality they would want in their website. Magento by itself, comes with so many features that most of the time, this is more than enough for a business owner to create his space in the e-commerce world. This ability for the Magento software to add on greater functionality comes because the code for the software is extremely simple and “bonds” easily with new addons or extensions.

One of the Magento extensions is GoMage Sales and Deals. This product is a Bronze industry partner for Magento and delivers many features like easy to customize extension, support for multiple payment gateways and multiple languages as well. GoMage Sales and Deals is one extension that truly puts the focus on the customer. With better shopping experience on the website, the customer will come back for more which means more sales and revenues for the business owner. The GoMage extension allows for smarter and more niche advertising which will ensure that the right message gets to the right customer or shopper. All these features are also extremely easy to install and the business owner or website manager can simply download the software without spending any time whatsoever to change code or the templates.

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There are quite a few extensions that Magento is compatible with and can enhance the overall satisfaction that a user experiences when he visits the ecommerce website. One powerful tool is the blog. Magento does deliver content management capability but with the blog extension, the website owner can keep the content on his website fresh and relevant. Another feature that helps with customer shopping assistance is live chat facility. With such capability, the business owner can resolve problems if any and offer advice or clarify any points that a shopper may have. This also means that the shopper will be encouraged to finish his shopping right away rather than wait for his question to be answered and then probably lose interest in purchasing anything!

For all the shopping that the customer does on the website, he can be rewarded with points, gift certificates and so on. Magento extension allows for the delivery of reward points which will help a customer enjoy freebies and discounts for his continued loyalty to the ecommerce website. For continued loyalty however, the website should make navigation extremely easy. There are quite a few ways in which the website can achieve this goal. One is by making the product catalog extremely flexible. One of the ways in which the website can minimize the information being bombarded at the customer is by controlling what products and information can be shown to the client. This display would be based in the shopping behavior displayed by the customer while he is browsing on the website.

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