Make a Study: The days when SEO begin to grasp the Eyes

Indeed, it would not be injudicious to state that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has revolutionized internet marketing world and created new paradigms in the manner in which both businesses and clients view and react to business proposals, prospects and projections. Indeed SEO has eliminated much of the speculation and uncertainties hitherto attributable to internet marketing domains and brought it along scientific, measurable, concrete and quantifiable terms. It has also provided both White Hat ( legitimate) and also Black Hat( not recommended) strategies through which rankings could be improved and specific business made more visible and in-demand in websites through choicest search words, excellent content and sound marketing policies, programs and other successful and legal SEO techniques.



However, it is also necessary to consider that although SEO is a relatively new and innovative technique for optimizing visits and business transactions in websites, there is still lot of work still to be done regarding Search Engine Optimization in order for it to be the cynosure of internet marketing eyes. In simple terms, SEO is nothing but a series of techniques used by webmasters to improve Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) rankings and position.

SEO as cynosure of eyes


To become the cynosure of eyes, SEO needs to optimize on certain critical aspects, prominent of which are in terms of

  • Using specific and appropriate key words, neither too broad nor too narrow
  • Excellent Content which could not stake claims for high rankings
  • Appropriate and correct use of Link Analysis
  •  Link Exchanges


Keyword SEO

Search engines classify and categorise web pages based on keyword analyses, critical terms that are relevant to page contents. Most search engines use web crawlers, or spiders whose main job is to crawl the web, identify and analyse key words specific to a business, product or service. Readings of web pages and indexing in terms of occurrences of keywords add up to making of rankings that could be attributable to products or services which need to be promoted. There is also need not to use keywords too often for in such cases, the spiders would return them as spam. So there is need to be clever and judicious in the number of time your keywords appear in the web pages, not too little to be of no use, and not too much to create spam.

Excellent content

SEO Contents

This is important since judgments are made relying heavily on differential content quality and presentation. A carefully crafted and presented work would gain better ranking that a poorly drafted and packed one. Most experts advise that contents need to be created for users and readers and not for search engines. But the truth is that contents need to be so balanced such as to satisfy both visitors as well as search engine spiders. Contents that satisfy readers may not draw a blip from the radar of search engines while conversely, one that is optimized for search engine may fail to draw  suitable readers and users. The trick is to first create absorbing mater or contents for users and then tweak the design to meet search engine needs.

Link Analysis

SEO Link Analysis

This is also an important trait in that the search engine determines how many other web pages are linked to the referred page. The more the links, the better the chances of preferred rankings. Google search engines essentially weigh importance of links based on ranks of linking pages, or in other words, if the link pages are ranked high, there is high probability that your page would also find high rankings.

Link Exchanges

SEO Link Exchange

This connects other sites that cover materials relevant to the content to gain more followers. There are also aspects in terms of the fact that many search engines are programmed to see that the relevance of links to, and from your page are to data within your page. Irrelevant and unwanted links would induce search engine to believe that the site is a big hoax and fraudster, thus resulting to low rankings. .

It is important that as one of the marketing techniques used by marketers, SEO performs its task in conformity with laws and strictures, relying more on White Hat techniques for business stability, growth, perpetuation and continuity and unethical practices, which may though serve in short period, may not be of much constructive, useful and beneficial purpose in the long term.

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