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Mobile App Icon Designs That Inspire App Designers

Mobile App Icon Designs is the article to inspire the graphic or app Icon designers. No doubt the popularity of mobile app is increasing every day and many designers and developers are publishing their mobile app with some great mobile app icon designs to inspire users from their work. This submission i am dedicating to them and there are plenty of examples of mobile app icons that will inspire you.

Indubitably, the evolution of Smartphones has revolutionized the businesses of almost every domain. Whether it is a small-scale business or a well established one, possessing mobile applications to efficiently promote the products and services across the globe has become really crucial.

Today the latest technology and amazing designs have raised the bar and changed the consumers’ taste to a superior design. When an application is designed and developed with a prime focus over its design, its surefire success can be easily expected (however, the app functionality is equally essential). Although the entire app design contributes to a ravishing user experience, but here in this article we are limiting our discussion to the app icon designs only.

Dealing with custom iOS app development or Android as well by scrutinizing its icon design help ensure an easy visibility in the App store. Irrespective of the platform for which you are designing an application, it is imperative to invest utmost efforts to ensure a remarkable design of the mobile application icon. There is no dearth of applications in the market. Thus, in order to make them appear unique and stand out of the colossal pool of applications available out there, its icon has to be designed with absolute precision.

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An Android and iOS app icon must precisely represent the functionality of an app and adds to the application’s credibility. Some designs are liked by designers, while some are not and there are some that fascinate the designers the most. Here I have listed a few of the innovative and trendy icon designs that can encourage designer’s creativity.

1. InstaGenius


This free iOS app facilitates one to create frames for images and edit images on Instagram. Its icon is amazingly designed and merges the appearance of latest printing technology and vintage camera. The icon boasts a cool personality with beautiful aesthetics; it represents the app’s functionality and subtly flaunts the app name.

2. Jackal Game

Image 2

This iOS game icon possesses the pirate’s game motif. It features a golden coin hanged on a sharp hook, the sea represents the background, and the coin flaunts the pirate symbol. The special graphical effects make the icon appear as if it is reflecting light (as that by real metal). This adds to its captivating visual appeal.

3. Safari


The Safari icon is specifically designed to complement the Safari browser. It represents a compass image in an animated format. Square with curved edges boasting the compass in the center makes this icon abide the iOS UI design standards.

4. Wunderlist

Image 3

Wunderlist is a free application that facilitates convenient task management. It is easy to operate and its icon evocate the nationalist and communist era of the 20th century. It is most admired by ones whose work life is organized and clutter-free.

5. Modern UI Icons


It is a set of icons that are pixel perfect and handcrafted. These icons are available for free and can be integrated into Android, iOS or even in Windows applications. These flat icons are perfectly designed to cater to the growing need of flat designs.

6. Wooden Blackboard iOS icon

Image 4

This is a simple yet great example of the 3D icon designs. It features a wooden blackboard with green surface to write on. A letter “W” is represented in the icon in a free-handed font with a white chalk. The white chalk creates a perfect shadow at the base and there are certain scratches on the board that lend it a 3D and realistic visual appeal.

7. Vegetable Tree Icon


The Vegetable Tree is an amazing iOS application that exhibit a realistic icon. Its icon is beautifully designed while embracing a square with curved edges representing a brown bucket holding a few vegetables. This icon has been designed using the Photoshop, VRay and 3D Max technology. It draws a realistic appeal by boasting a shiny surface and 3D look and feel.

8. Evernote Hello

Image 5

The Evernote Hello is one of the most popular apps that facilitates note taking via mobile devices. Its icon represents a smiling 3D character that epitomizes the high end services and superior usability of the app. This icon is extremely adorable and a fine example of the ultimate design.

These are creative and intriguing application icons that reflect how an innovative thought can be turned into an enticing design. These are just a few inspirational design icons that may leverage your creative mind. And, may help you come up with another trendy and visually appealing app icon to uniquely represent your mobile app.

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