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Prominent advantages of WordPress

What are the advantages of wordpress? If you are planning to develop a website for the very first time, then one of the simplest and quickest ways to get your website live and functional instantly is to incorporate WordPress on your website. Word press is a content management system that enables a user to get a pre built website absolutely free allowing them to pay attention to other important aspects of website development.

Advantages of WordPress


Word press is considered to be the most convenient and flexible CMS and majority of the websites today are built under the shade of WordPress. Following are the most prominent advantages of utilizing WordPress for your site that make it stand as the most renowned content management system around the globe.

Fast and simple installation


You will probably have a feature in your website’s control panel named as “Fantastico De Luxe”. When you open and explore this feature, you will be directed towards a page on which you will have the opportunity to incorporate a number of free of cost applications into your website. Instructions will be given that are extremely simple to understand. Upon seeing the link for WordPress, click the link to install the WordPress application. You will be required to fill in some required information and then your installation will automatically begin.

Variety of website themes


Very few people stick to the default theme that comes with the WordPress upon installation. The default theme is plain and excessively simple and no user would prefer to build the website on that particular theme. There are thousands of developers who design and develop new and unique WordPress themes which are quite innovative and appealing. These themes can be uploaded to your website to alter the appearance, layout, and color of your WordPress powered website. 70 percent of the WordPress themes are available for free, and thirty percent are paid themes. You can get a variety of free WP themes from word press’s official website.

Enhanced functionality


If you want your website to operate and function in a unique and different way than most of other websites, then you can make use of WordPress plug-ins. Just as for themes, there are numerous developers and programmer who develop WP plug-ins to modify and enhance the functionality of a website in a number of ways. There are thousands of free WP plug-ins available for download at word press’ official site. You just need to download, then unzip the plug-in and upload it in the plug-ins directory found on your website/blog.

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Open source CMS


WordPress is an open source CMS and its code is available for everyone free of cost. Anyone can use it for their blog or website. You just need to have an understanding about PHP to utilize WP’s code.


WordPress notifies you whenever an update is available and you just have to click to begin the automatic installation of updates. Gone are the times when one was required to install updates manually.

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  • WordPress might have some good widgets, but Blogger is quite simpler than WordPress, and you can design your Themes very easily with Blogger, as there are abundant tutorials for everything on Internet.

  • WordPress is really a good platform for site creation. It is much useful for beginners. It have many different themes, templates, widgets which make this better from other.

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