Quality Commercial Printing: How to Perfect the Process

Quality Commercial Printing: How to Perfect the Process

Quality printing, that’s what most customers are looking for nowadays. However, most are finding it hard to look for companies who can deliver first-rate service at a lesser cost. Fortunately, you’re about to change that and offer services that will rival your competitors at prices your customers can afford.  How are you going to manage that perfectly? In this post, let’s delve into the basics of commercial printing and making your process flawless.

Commercial Printing

Take Steps to Improve Your Design

It’s true that you’re undeniably good at what you do. However, to continually impress clients, you must be able to give them fresh, unique ideas. That can be quite a challenge and it takes a lot of practice and patience to deliver designs they will find attractive over and over again. Here are tips on how to boost your skills:

  • Discover your own style. Two things can happen when you try to copy popular styles: you pull it off flawlessly or you fail at it miserably. It is okay to look for inspiration, but forcing yourself to jump on the bandwagon can have disastrous effects.
  • Study Design Theories –Learn from the masters, there’s nothing better than going back to the basics. Ultimately, what’s popular nowadays might not catch the customers’ attention in the future. You can stand the test of time (and trends) when you have a solid background in design.
  • Distinguish good designs from bad ones –artists are possessive when it comes to their “babies”. But you need to keep an open mind when someone criticizes your work. You can avoid such situations by honing your skills. Browse other talented artists’ designs and study their pieces.
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Prepare Your Design

Commercial Printing

You’re almost ready to print, but before going through the final stage, you need to make one final assessment. Here are the elements you need to look out for:

  1.  Resolution – Those pixilated images can be quite bothersome. To avoid that, you need to choose a high resolution and achieve clear, concise printing.
  2. Colors – Enhance colors and take into consideration the difference in hue when printing the materials.
  3. Templates –Choose the right ones that will enhance your designs. Make sure they’re suitable for your customers’ requirements.
  4. Flaws –Run through your design with a critical eye and make sure that there are no errors.

Pick the Appropriate Printing Materials

Commercial Printing

 Choosing the right types of printing materials for the job will go a long way in enhancing your designs. Keep in mind what kind of print project you’re doing to choose the right ones. For the paper, here’s a checklist:

  1.  Choose from glossy, matte or satin. If you want photos to look vivid, you’d want to pick the glossy finish. For readability, choose matte and finally for a more professional look, choose satin.
  2. Heavier paper is usually intended for business cards or postcards. Choosing the suitable paper weight will have a huge impact on your design as well.
  3. Brightness of the paper has nothing to do with the color of the paper itself. It’s more about the light reflected from it. If you want images to pop or make the content easier to read, choose brighter paper.

Aside from paper, ink is another material that you have to choose carefully. Make sure that you talk to your printing company about the ones that will not easily bleed or fade. They’ll usually make suggestions on choosing the right type of paper as well.

Get a Good Deal with the Right Printing Company

Commercial Printing

All of your efforts in making sure everything is perfect can go to waste if you don’t choose a reliable printing company. By that, you should make sure that their prices are synonymous to the quality of their services. Case in point, if you go for a substandard printer because they’re cheaper, you’ll end up disappointing your customers. Your designs wouldn’t matter at all. Additionally, when you’re talking about prices, ask about bulk print orders to get the best possible deals.

Dependable companies usually offer unmatched customer support, are efficient and will assure you of delivering on time. Make sure to ask around, ask for recommendations or read reviews about the commercial printing company that you’re considering. Once you get the printing process down pat, and have selected the appropriate printing materials, you’ll have customers lining up for your services in no time at all.

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