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Six Foremost Games for iPhone

A good way to pass the time is playing games on your iphones. Although great games for iphone are the driving force behind the success of Apple gaming, low prices have also helped. Most ‘premium’ titles cost six quid or less, and many developers end up in a race to 69p, thereby providing games that’d cost 20 quid on a rival platform for the price of a Kit-Kat. Play them on your iphone. Download these top 6 games and enjoy playing them.

Cut The Rope: Experiments


This game is available on iTunes and you can download it from the iTunes site. The game is interesting as it is challenging. You need to use logic and think critically to play it. A wrong placement will not help you cut the rope. The simple game of cutting the rope becomes increasingly challenging as the levels go up.

Hide The Fart


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This is an addictive game where you have to let out gas but don’t have any place to fart. How can you be discreet and let out the gas? To play this game, you can use the left arrow for little fart and the spacebar for the standard fart. Combine the spacebar and the left arrow for a different kind of fart. This game is all about farts.



This game now has downloads of more than 10 million. The player has to close pipeline system as quickly as it is possible by rotating pipes in the proper direction as given. Play 100 levels with each of them containing various liquids and tricks. The game is fun to play and challenges your reflexes.

100 Floors


There are 100 floors and you have to take the elevator. If you are claustrophobic, then you will have a tough time. The music is cheesy and you have to solve a puzzle when you reach a floor. Solving the puzzle will help to open the door of the elevator and you can then proceed to the next floor. The floors get more elaborate as you move. The interesting fact about this game is that there are only 30 floors at present.

Men In Black 3


This movie-inspired game provides amazing gaming experience and much more enjoyable than the movie. It begins with the rookie scenario that so many similar games have. Eventually, you are able to expand the offices and develop new weapons for fighting aliens. The aim of the Men in Black is to save the world. And when fighting the aliens, you accumulate treasures that you can use for expanding the base, improving your weapons and providing first aid to your agents.

As the missions are turn-based, you will have to attack again and again and then wait till your alien enemies fight back. There are multiple agents and enemies. The game is fun to play and challenging.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?


This is one of the most popular games. If you think that you are smarter than a 5th grader, then try playing this and prove your smartness. Challenge your Facebook friends. You won’t get much time to answer questions. Therefore, you will have to be quick.

These are the top 6 games applications for your phone. Enjoy playing them and pass the time. They will challenge you to the extreme while making the experience enjoyable for you.

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