Speedy websites with Mod-pagespeed and Apache

Google’s Mod-Pagespeed module on Apache

As you know about stack that it has different possible components, now you‘ve time to give look on specific parts, application servers and how to raise performance. There’re many methods of Apache, PHP content, hiphop, lighttpd, nginx and even I-I-S has different mechanisms ranging from CGI to Zend-server.


The internet customers are in search of faster and speedy access, hence a site owner should provide both to survive in this business. The Apache server is commonly used for internet. Hence different tweak is available for web server, I’m writing one module which will help you to load website in speedy way.

The Apache server needs no detailed introduction. It is mainstay of PHP-development from last some days however, nowadays it’s first choice of performance is goal and objective. Event driven and Asynchronous servers like as nginx is getting a repute to handle high level concurrency more accurately then Apache. However Apache has different variations like ‘mpm’ event which mentions connections. These are experimental but not a term which ‘DevOps’ users want to see on application software they want to install on ‘cluster of machines’ under high load. Apache has many tricks to handle its process and new entrants in arena have no doubt to catch-up.


The mod-page speed module is designed as ‘drop-in’ module that can drop to their server installation and directly look at increased marked on page serving speed. When you’ve no surety about procedure of increasing speed and performance or could not optimize your configuration, then this program will give you best solutions. For this bold you can install and configure your system. For instance this will make big difference. So it is best practice to use this page in optimization.

Speed, Clear

Doesn’t matter, what will be speed of your internet connections, you have to load web pages faster. The web server should be very fast due to some reasons like Organizations can lose customers with slow web server. While visiting the webpage /day, they’re offering the same page to all their users in a day. For these organizations, a little increase is marvelous.

While you may visit their page once a day, they are serving that same page to other customers 100,000 times a day. For those companies, even a small increase in speed is tremendous. MHz is slow and its page load time is high. However, website page is faster when only few users are clicking it in a day, may become slow when thousands users use this site in 10 minute.


Hence, speed is defined as time that you take from A to B, A = when user press ‘ENTER’ after typing and B = when webpage finishes its loading in any web browser.

So the best possible method to increase its speed is to send some amount of information and send it. Know the method of increasing speed. All possible tips are used to increase the website speed that comes in 5 types;- minimize look-ups, maximize catching, minimize/request, data size and optimize rendering.

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