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Ten Sensational Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is an intimate space. It is the room where a person can retire to after working long hours, a sanctuary where he can retreat if he feels like being alone, or even the haven where he can have whispered private conversations with his loved one. The multiple roles of a bedroom only necessitate that it be decorated to suit such dynamic and various needs. Here are some bedroom design ideas and themes that will surely cater to the desire for style and comfort:

The Ocean Breeze

People like to go to the beach for some much-needed rest and relaxation. But why waste money, time and effort traveling when you can simply open the doors of your bedroom and find yourself in a beach-like setting?

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If one loves the different hues of ocean blues and greens, then this design idea is perfect. Memory foam, single, or double mattresses could blend well with various shades of blue and pillow covers of muted greens. Rugs or carpets could be of a pale beige or peach to emulate the color of sand. Light browns could also be incorporated in the furnishings. Having your own patch of the ocean right inside your very own bedroom could be just what you need to unload the stress of a long day.

Dash of Royalty

Purple has always been the color of royalty. It is a blend of the colors blue and red, the flawless combination of cool and warm. Purple never fails to give a person a feeling of luxury and extravagance. Feeling a bit discouraged at work? Coming home to a bedroom fit for a king and queen—specially furnished with a memory foam mattress—will definitely lift you up and keep you going on your quest for the finer things in life.

The use of a good color is nothing without good design. Choose designs that complement your purple heaven, starting from floor to ceiling, furniture and accessories. Use solid purples to draw attention to a particular feature of the room, like the bed. Lavender and lighter shades provide some relief to the eye as purple can be a bit overpowering sometimes. White lighting emitted by unique lamps complete the overall effect.

Old World

Go back a few centuries and discover what it feels like to live in the olden times. Decorate the ceiling with a wrought-iron chandelier and the bed with an intricate metal headboard. Choose carved antique beds, armoires and chairs. Wooden ceiling beams and textured walls also add to the medieval effect.

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Modern Day

Not into the traditional designs? One can also choose to create a contemporary bedroom with the famous modern colors of browns and whites. Of course, the black and white combination never goes out of style, too.

With your bedroom furniture and your sheets, you can achieve a modern look by incorporating chocolate browns and lighter creams. The combination of such colors will make your room cozier, good for snuggling on a cold day. Don’t forget to add flexible fixtures that give off just the right amount of artificial light when you need it.

Pink Candy

Young girls and female teenagers absolutely love pink in their bedrooms. Design the space with an assortment of pink shades, and you will find the young ladies swooning into it with excitement. Of course, you can then lay them down on their magenta pink beds with the fuchsia headboard, striped pink-and-white pillows, and two single mattresses. For good measure, throw in a delicately-curtained window seat fit for the princess awaiting her prince.

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The Automobile

Boys usually love cars. They can’t get enough of them. Give them a bed shaped like a car or train with a double mattress and the complementing sheets. Design shelves like race tracks to hold various items. Decorate the walls with images of different types of vehicles. Do all these, and your boys will adore you forever!

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Safari Adventure

Fancy sleeping in a jungle? Decorate with the safari look in mind. Gather animal prints for beddings, hand-paint or wallpaper the walls with a forest scene, and don’t forget to bring in plants. One can even have pseudo-bear skin rugs to keep the chill away. To complete the effect, get a canopy bed with all the right draping. With the jungle theme right in your own home, you will never feel the need to shell out money for an adventure. Every day will feel like one.

The Eclectic

This design idea is great for the non-conformist out to set the trends, not to follow it. The eclectic look can be achieved by throwing together unrelated pieces with various styles, color patterns and textures. With just the right amount of ingenuity, a cohesive look can be achieved. A sample combination would be the use of linen curtains with velvet accents while splashes of pink and a sparkling chandelier are used to add femininity.

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Music Lover

Be it rock and roll, contemporary, or classic, music represents a huge part of human existence. What better way to show your love for music than incorporating it into the design of your bedroom? Assemble those old records as a piece of wall art, display pictures of your beloved music idol on shelves, and let those guitars take center-stage. You can also go all out by having a made-to-order headboard done in the shape of whatever your favorite instrument is.

Minimalist Touch

If clutter is one of your pet peeves, then having a minimalist design in your bedroom can give you the ultimate neatness and order. Beautiful clean lines on furniture and soothing white are easy on the eyes. Splashes of color can be introduced where you want them to be, and the beauty of it is that it is sure to go well with the white color scheme. When the world is all messy and disorganized, you will surely greet your minimalist bedroom with welcoming arms and a huge sigh of relief.

When it comes to bedroom designs, the sky is the limit. Open your mind and see before you the endless possibilities. Reach out for your dream bedroom. It is yours for the taking.

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  • Thanks for sharing these bedroom ideas. I totally agree that the bedroom is the most important part of the house. Imagine an average adult spends about 7hrs a day in their sleep. The bedroom is indeed an important place. From all these designs, I feel that the flooring could do wonders. It seems like a simple change in the floor plates could give the bedroom an altogether different atmosphere. Aside for these beautiful designs, I feel that the practicality of the room is just as important. When come to designing bedroom, I think the most important factor is comfort. The room has to have essential element for sleeping and relaxation.

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